Midweek Mentions 3.2.22

love shack fancy dress

Midweek Mentions:

  • I just finished reading Rules of Civility and am excited to start my next book – The Body Keeps The Score. Have you read either of them?
  • I’ve been burning a new Life In Lilac candle scent – Heart Throb – and love it; a top 3 candle for me!
  • Do you have a guilty pleasure when it comes to TV? Travis and I have several shows we watch together, but my current guilty pleasure is Grey’s Anatomy. I think I watched through season 6 when they were live, but never kept up with it. I now turn it on when I work at night and I forget how good it is!
  • Travis’s birthday is during Spring Break this year and we’ll be camping. I’m currently on a mission to make a camping birthday special…send help! But for real, if you have a fun idea, send it my way!
  • I’m using Kate The Concierge’s Upcycle service to give a little upgrade to some of my jewelry by having it reset. I’m sending in a charm that was given to me by Travis’ grandparents on our wedding day. The jewel is a pendant on a necklace currently, but they’re working with me to make a ring. You’d be amazed at the work they can do! I highly recommend checking them out if you have a special piece of vintage jewelry that you love but don’t wear because it’s not your style. If you’re curious what they could come up with with your pieces, use my code to do a free intake. The code is “Fleurdille97.”