February 2022’s Top Purchases

Hey there! So glad you stopped by today! I’m sharing y’all’s top purchases from each month with you guys. For me, it’s a great way to see what you guys are interested in. For y’all, it’s just fun to see what other people like, too!

There were several favorites from February that I didn’t include in this post simply because they were all sold out. Bummer! But, the items below are all great. I feel like February’s top purchases were a mix of practical, comfy, and a touch of spring (hence the bodysuit). I also love that y’all loved the rattan mirror as much as I did!

february top purchases

February’s Top Purchases:

  • PUFF SLEEVE BODYSUIT: you ladies loved this bodysuit! I think the puff sleeve is a fun details and I love that it comes in black and a great pink, too!
  • CLEAN DEODORANT REFILL: I love that you guys love Beautycounter’s clean deodorant as much as I do! I love theirs because you don’t have to order an entire new deodorant each time – you just order the refill and plug it in your case. It saves a lot of money in the long run! BONUS – they’re having free shipping all weekend!!!
  • RATTAN MIRROR: how stinking cute is this mirror? If you’re upgrading your home, this mirror would be perfect!
  • “NIPPIES” NIPPLE COVERS: I absolutely love these nipple covers. I have been using them any time I need to wear a backless or strapless bra. They are sticky, but not painful and you can reuse them over and over. I’ve already used mine 20+ times and they’re still just as sticky.
  • KNOTTED HEADBAND: I wish I could pull off headbands as well as some of y’all! I think this headband is so cute and would go with so much.
  • BIRTHDAY YEAR SWEATSHIRT: I got this sweatshirt for my friend’s birthday and love it! It’s such a fun addition to a birthday present; it’s cozy too!
  • RUCHED SANDALS: these are a great “wear with everything” sandal for spring and summer. I have the tan color, but my friend has the white and now I’m debating getting this color, too! It’s affordable and they’re so comfy!
  • SPANX ANKLE LEGGINGS: I shared these leggings all fall and winter long. They are very comfortable and a little thicker than your normal black legging. I wore these more than my spanx faux leather leggings and highly recommend them!