January 2022 Capsule Wardrobe + Winter’s Top Fashion Trends

january 2022 capsule wardrobe

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Happy New Year! It is officially a new year and a new month and that means we get a new capsule wardrobe, too! If I’m being honest, winter capsule wardrobes are my least favorite. Don’t get me wrong, I love putting together a wardrobe for a fun winter vacation like skiing or visiting the mountains. But a plain ole Texas winter wardrobe…meh. They just aren’t as fun and vivacious as other seasons of the year.

So, in an effort to breath a little life into this winter capsule I thought I would touch on some fun trends happening right now. Fashion trends like split hem pants, shrug sweaters, chunky boots, and cut-outs. Any time you purchase something trendy, you risk the chance of not being able to wear it year after year. So, there are some pieces in this January’s capsule wardrobe that may not be on trend next year. They will however be on trend for the next several months, so I do thin you’ll get some good use out of them!

The other marked difference of this January’s capsule wardrobe is that there is a lot more black. Typically I stick with neutrals and light hues. I do know though that not everyone is comfortable wearing white all winter long, so I made a conscious effort to add black. Black is a classic color and one that is very flattering on all body types. Some of the black pieces in this wardrobe like the slip dress, black leggings, and long sleeve bodysuit are pieces you’ll absolutely be able to wear year after year.

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January 2022 Capsule Wardrobe:


  • SLIP DRESS: this slip dress has been a tried-and-true since at least September. It’s such a great dress to wear as is or layer over with a jacket or sweater. It’s also super easy to dress up with heels or down with mules or booties. It comes in several other colors, too.
  • PLAID SHACKET: this amazon shacket is amazing. I think the shacket trend is fun, but not one I wanted to spend a lot of money on. I like the colors of this one, too, because you can layer it over several different colors.
  • OVERSIZED PUFFER VEST: this was a recent purchase and a great piece to layer with in the winter. Layer it over a sweater, a bodysuit, or a tee!
  • SHORT SLEEVE BODYSUITS: these short sleeve bodysuits are classic in color and can be worn all year long. They look great in the warmer months with shorts or a skirt and then they’re perfect for layering over in the colder months.
  • LONG SLEEVE BODYSUITS: I added a long sleeve bodysuit to this capsule too, for added warmth. I also think having a v-neck line is a great option as it’s flattering on all body types.
  • SWEATER MIDI DRESS: this dress is not only crazy flattering, but it’s warm, too! It’s also fun because it touches on the shoulder pad trend with a slight shoulder pad in it.
  • BLACK TURTLENECK SWEATER: this black turtleneck might be the most versatile piece in the capsule. It can be styled over the slip dress, under the puffer vest, and with any of the bottoms!
  • PUFF SLEEVE TOP: how fun is this top? I sized down but if you’re pretty busty, I’d stick with your true size. The puff sleeve trend is a fun one and the mixed fabrics on this top are great. It comes in black, too!
  • CUTOUT SWEATER: the cutout trend is another fun trend we’re seeing this winter and probably will see on into spring. I liked this cutout sweater because it didn’t show too much skin.
  • GREY SHRUG SWEATER: shrug sweaters really take me back; it’s crazy that they’re back in style. Some shrugs are a bit too tiny I think. I loved that this one was more of a chunky knit shrug and can cover you’re cleavage if you want.
  • GREY SWEATSHIRT: because every wardrobe needs a comfy, cozy piece, I included this sweatshirt that can be dressed up or down.


  • FAUX LEATHER SPLIT HEM PANTS: I was on the fence about the split hem pant for a long time, but I think it’s fun. I included this faux leather pair, but it’s selling out fast, so you’ll find some similar pairs linked above, too.
  • 90s STRAIGHT LEG JEANS: the straight leg jean has made a big comeback and this one is great. It’s a splurge, but I have loved every pair of jeans and shorts I own from this brand. They get better with each wear!
  • SPANX LEGGINGS: everyone loves the faux leather leggings, but these regular leggings are just as good. I’ve actually found myself wearing them more than my faux leather pair. They’re the best for layering!
  • GREY SWEATER SKIRT: I try to include at least one skirt in my capsule wardrobes. They’re nice to have because they give you one more option to make a nicer outfit. I liked that this sweater skirt could be styled with a bodysuit for date night or a sweater for a more casual vibe.


  • CHUNKY BLACK BOOTS: these under $40 boots have been a shoe staple for me for months. They are very comfortable, and an affordable way to enjoy the chunky boot trend without spending too much money. They also go with a lot so you’ll get a lot of use out of them.
  • BLACK CROSSBODY BAG: this little bag has also been a closet staple for me since I got it several months ago. It lays nicely on your body and fits a good bit – phone, wallet, toiletries, etc. You can also remove the strap and carry it by the handle, making it a little nicer for nicer occasions.
  • FAUX FUR SLIDES: these are a more recent purchase. Both higher level designers and lower lever retailers are coming out with faux fur slides and mules for the winter. I love this pair not just because the price is very reasonable, but because they look nice. You could easily style these with a casual outfit or with the slip dress and sweater in this capsule.


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