The Fall Capsule Wardrobe That’s Feminine, Fun And Versatile

fall capsule wardrobe

To all my gals that love capsule wardrobes, I’m so excited to share my fall capsule wardrobe with you guys today! I did a poll on Instagram a few weeks ago asking if y’all preferred monthly capsule wardrobes or trendy outfit try-ons and it was about 50-50. With that helpful information, I made some slight tweaks to my monthly capsule wardrobes.

Rather than doing away with them, I am pivoting to seasonal capsules and themed capsules. I’ll be creating a capsule for each season, but I’ll also be creating capsules for ski trips, beach vacations, etc. I’ll also be sharing more inexpensive, trendier items over on Instagram.

The last capsule I created was September’s capsule wardrobe and I noticed three major effects from not having an October or November capsule. The first thing I noticed was that I had a lot more difficulty planning daily outfits. I would stare at my closet, stumped on which pieces to put together. The second thing I noted was that I would get a new piece, wear it once, and forget about it. I wasn’t getting a lot of wear out of specific pieces in my closet. Lastly, I realized that I actually spent more money on clothes than the months I had a capsule.

From those two things I realized that having a set number of pieces to choose from was so beneficial. Capsule wardrobes not only help me to creatively put together outfits, but they help me to wear pieces in my closet much more than one time. I also realized that when I’m working from a capsule wardrobe, I don’t shop for clothes. I have what I need. Makes sense, right?

3 Benefits From Having a Capsule Wardrobe:

  1. It’s easy to put outfits together.
  2. You’ll wear items in your closet more.
  3. You’ll save money!

Fleurdille’s Fall Capsule Wardrobe:

  • SLIP DRESS AND SKIRT – this slip dress and this slip skirt are such great basics to work off for the fall. You can do so much with them! Layer a denim jacket, leather jacket, sweater, or coatigan over them! Or layer the slip dress (or skirt) over a fitted turtle neck. There are tons of options and they’r great basics to include in your wardrobe.
  • SNEAKERS – these sneakers have been a top seller month after month! You guys love them and I get why – they’re so versatile! They style well with leggings, jeans, a skirt, or a dress.
  • CROSSBODY BAG – I like finding one bag I can wear all season long or ideally for multiple seasons. I love this black crossbody bag for the way it fits, but I also like that it can be worn for fall and winter. And bonus – it goes with everything!
  • WHITE TUNIC SWEATER – this tunic is the Amazon dupe of the Free People tunic. The quality is excellent and every fall wardrobe needs a cozy sweater.
  • COMBAT BOOT – big chunky boots are definitely in for fall. I have warmed up to the trend and thought I’d include this super affordable version in this season’s capsule. It’s also a very versatile shoe.
  • FLORAL BLOUSE – I love the floral trend and thought this floral blouse was perfect for fall. The colors go with so many different bottom options.
  • WIDE LEG PANTS – how cute are these wide leg pants. What I love about them is that they can be styled to go out in, but they’re also a sweat pants material and an be worn to lounge in. Given that Thanksgiving is in the fall, I wanted a cozy pants option to relax in.
  • WIDE COLLAR BLOUSE – the wide collar trend is so fun and so feminine; I love it! This wide collar top from Target is a great, trendy basic. It pairs well with almost anything. Heck, it could even be worn under the slip dress!
  • PLAID SHACKET – if you haven’t noticed, shackets (shirt + jacket) are huge this year! I love the colors of the one I included and think it acts as a fun cardigan or jacket substitute!
  • CREW NECK BODYSUITS – y’all, if you don’t have one of these bodysuits yet, get one now! They’re only $35, but the quality is amazing! They’re double lined and super flattering. Bodysuits make it super easy to layer with in the fall, too!
  • SWEATER COATIGAN – I’m sure you’re not shocked to see this Jcrew Coatigan making another appearance. I’ve included it in so many of my fall, winter and spring capsules. It goes with so much and it the perfect weight for a cool weather layer. I HIGHLY recommend it!
  • PUFF SLEEVE BLOUSE – this puff sleeve blouse is so fun for fall. It layers well or makes a statement standing alone. It also comes in several colors.
  • SPANX LEGGINGS – can you even have a fall capsule without leggings? I love my spanx faux leather leggings, but have really grown to love this regular pair. They’re thick and super flattering!
  • BLACK LEATHER JACKET – I wanted to include a jacket a bit chicer than a shacket, so I included a faux leather jacket. This specific one is a reasonable price point and very well made. Mine has held up for several years so far.

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