How To Save Money On Your Holiday Dress

black leather dress

It’s holiday season and with that comes all the holiday events. I don’t know about y’all, but it seems like between social events and work events, our calendar is already filling up. I panicked a bit as our calendar filled up because for a woman, that can equate to dollar signs. A dress for my husband’s work party, a dress for a charity event, a dress for Christmas Eve dinner; it all adds up so quickly!

But, after a fun conversation with my Clotheshorse Anonymous team, I felt inspired to try something new this holiday season when it comes to clothes. Clotheshorse Anonymous recently showcased the life of a dress. How one dress makes a memory with one person and then through consignment makes another memory with another person. It was a pretty cool way to think about one dress. It also inspired me!

It inspired me to think about the life of a dress with ONE person. How could I create separate memories through the holidays with just one dress? Styling a dress more than one way is not too challenging when you’re making 4 casual outfits out of a casual dress or 3 cocktail outfits out of one cocktail dress. Right? The challenge comes in though when you’re styling one dress for a range of events. For example, how would I style one dress to work for a holiday happy hour or Friendsgiving and then style that same dress for a semi-formal holiday event?

I decided to take on the challenge though. I knew that finding a way to use one dress throughout the holidays would not only be fun, but it would save me so much money! So, I decided to head to Clotheshorse Anonymous to find a dress. I chose Clotheshorse Anonymous instead of a department store or local boutique because I knew I could get a better quality, higher price point dress and still stay within my budget.

Tips For Styling One Dress Through The Holidays:

  1. PICK A SOLID, NEUTRAL COLOR – bright colors make a statement and are easier to remember. If you wear a bright red dress to an event, people will still remember that dress the next time you wear it even if you style it differently. Stick to a solid, neutral color like white, cream or black that can act as a blank canvas.
  2. CHOOSE A COCKTAIL LENGTH DRESS – a cocktail length dress near your knees is your best best when trying to style one dress for different types of functions. A mini dress may be appropriate for an evening event, but it might not be something you want to wear to church. A maxi dress is fun, but also makes a bigger statement and will be harder to style different ways.
  3. DON’T REVEAL TOO MUCH – this might sound silly, but think about how revealing your dress is before purchasing. Much like the length of a dress, a more revealing dress might work for an evening event, but wouldn’t for church or a family function.


black leather dress


black leather dress


black leather dress


black leather dress

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