the weekend edit 1.2.22

january 2022 weekend edit

the weekend edit: christmas gift edition

  1. This Dana Rebecca Necklace is so dainty and I’ve worn it every day since getting it.
  2. This might be the softest robe of all time.
  3. This apple charging dock has been a total game changer.
  4. How cool is this water bottle that also doubles as a foam roller?
  5. I have a coup obsession and these coups are simply beautiful.
  6. A new target candle! This candle will no-doubt be a staple in our home.
  7. I now have this workout top in multiple colors; It’s crazy comfy!
  8. We are sure to get some good use out of this travel steamer this year.
  9. Let me introduce you to the softest PJs.
  10. This sweatshirt is insanely comfortable and matches perfectly with my favorite joggers.

top five follower favorites: christmas gift edition

Some of you submitted your favorite gifts and I thought it would be so fun to share them here!

  1. A mug warmer to use at work or at home!
  2. Several mentioned this Ember mug, too!
  3. An Echo Show – this product is seriously cool and I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of it before!
  4. A Purple Royal Seat Cushion for an office chair. I also found a cheaper version here.
  5. A silk pillowcase – these are total game changers!