How to Save Money on Kids’ Clothing

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Changing into our PJs and cuddling up to watch a movie is one of our favorite things to do with Emma Grace. Emma rarely sits still, so we soak in the moments where she wants to “get cozy” with us.

PJs have been one of those items that I’ve learned kids just blow through. Whether they become too small, shrink in the dryer, or get breakfast spilled all over them, their life spans seems increasingly short. And this brings me to my next point: kids are expensive.

It is definitely not a secret to current parents that kids are pricey. Since we’ve started this journey of parenthood, Travis and I have learned that there are some things that you can’t skimp on, but there are definitely areas¬†where you can save. We have found that clothing is one of the easiest areas to save in believe it or not, so we thought we’d share some of our saving tips with you all! I mean, would you believe me if I told you I got EG’s pajamas from Old Navy for $4?

As you read our tips to save money, please let us know if you have any tips to add because we are definitely still learning!

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, mom blogger

7 ways to save on kids’ clothing:

  1. Shop the Sales – everyone has heard that you can shop the sales for the year ahead, but people forget you can shop the sales for the current season, too! One of the best places for sales that we’ve found is GAP – they have sales all the time. I usually make a mental list of the things I like in my head, wait a couple of weeks, and chances are it will already be on sale. // I also recommend spinning through the sale section every time you go to a clothing store – you’ll be surprised how many things you’ll find that your kids can wear now.
  2. Plan Ahead –¬†when shopping the sales, don’t just look for your little one’s current size, but the size you think they’ll wear next year; for example, Emma is currently a 2T, but as I shop the winter sales now I am looking for basic items she may be able to wear next year when she’s a 3T/4T such as coats, jeans, white sweaters, etc.
  3. Buy Gender Neutral¬†–¬†buying gender neutral pieces (onesies, leggings, coats, hats, gloves, etc.) makes it easy to pass down one child’s clothing to the next no matter the gender. I would especially recommend doing this for the more expensive items like coats, ski gear, etc.
  4. Tap into your Community –¬†this is one of my favorite ways to save! Tap into the local resources your community may have; for example, I am a part of several online “yard sales” on Facebook where moms are constantly selling gently used items for kiddos. Yes, you have to be picky, but we’ve found some gently used TOMS shoes, coats that have only been worn a handful of times, and even some onesies that were never worn! If you have any questions about this one, just email me!
  5. Shop Secondhand Stores – we have yet to try this tip, but a lot of my mommy friends use this tip religiously and love it; there are stores out there such as Once Upon a Child and Kid to Kid sell name brand clothing at a discounted price. They are all gently used, but in great condition! I’d love to know how your experience has been with this tip if you’ve utilized this one!
  6. Swap with friends – y’all, take advantage of the wonderful resource that’s right at your fingertips: your friends! If you’ve had a girl and are about to have a boy, tap into some of your friends that have boys that are already grown. Don’t just use them for advice, but see if they have any items they could pass on that they no longer use. And, be willing to give some of your items to other moms! It’s so fun and saves a lot of money!
  7. Sell what doesn’t fit – I love this tip, too. Now that we know we won’t be passing down any more clothing after Abby, we have started to sell the things she no longer fits and the things that aren’t sentimental. I tend to sell on the Facebook yardsale, but I’ve heard that thredUP is another great place to sell gently used items.

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, mom bloggerdallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, mom blogger

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