Healthy pregnancy snack

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I wish I could blame my sweet tooth on pregnancy, but the truth is, I have a crazy sweet tooth all the time [thanks, mom:)]. Before pregnancy, I was super disciplined and only ate sweets on special occasions or I would have one hershey kiss after dinner to satisfy that sweet craving. With this pregnancy however, I have kind of let myself go and indulge in candy, cookies, and my all-time favorite: gummy bears, whenever I want. Anyway, in an effort¬†to reign in my sweet tooth, I’ve been making¬†my old go-to healthy dessert. Ah! It’s so good! Not only does it satisfy my sweet tooth, but it is packed with protein, which is so good for my growing little baby girl! So, grab a good book and enjoy this healthy little dessert!


1 serving greek yogurt

1 T peanut butter

1 tsp vanilla

drizzle of honey

mini chocolate chips

directions: mix all ingredients together and top with chocolate chips!

xx – anna