Halloween Cocktail

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Although Halloween is not my favorite holiday, there are a couple of Halloween traditions I enjoy. One being carving pumpkins!

Travis and I plan on kicking off our Halloween weekend tomorrow by carving pumpkins with Emma Grace (Abby will be providing moral support, ha). We are so excited to carve pumpkins this year because Emma Grace has been learning all the parts of a pumpkin at school – seeds, stem, etc., and will get to truly participate this year!

So, will our Friday night look a little different than it may have sans kids? Of course, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, and it doesn’t mean we can incorporate a little “adult fun” into our night in the form of a festive cocktail (or “juice” as we call any alcoholic beverage in our house…y’all, kids repeat everything!).

After pinning countless recipes to my “festive drinks” board on pinterest, we finally settled on a cocktail to try: poison apple. Martinis are one of my favorite drinks, so making an apple martini sounded perfect! For access to the cute label pictured above from the DIY Network, click here.

Poison Apple Recipe:

1 oz apple schnapps

1 oz vodka

1 oz apple juice

apple slices for garnish

Thanks for reading!!

xx – anna