3 Benefits To Using Foundation Brushes To Apply Your Makeup

foundation brushes

Have you noticed the foundation brushes trend on social media? I’m sure it’s something that’s been around for forever, but it’s definitely new to me. I first started seeing influencers share one specific brand – Artis – when it came to foundation brushes. I was intrigued because I love finding new things for y’all. So naturally, I checked out these brushes.

Y’all, I have no doubt these brushes are amazing, but a 5-pack of Artis brushes is $175! I get the value in high level foundation brushes if you’re a makeup artist or something, but I am not. So, I decided to try to find a cheaper option to try out. And I found one!

I got this set of 10 foundation brushes for only $15! It has almost 3,000 4.5 star reviews, so I figured they had to be decent at least. Again, I’m not a makeup expert, but I have truly loved using these brushes over a makeup sponge to apply my foundation. One of the main reasons I’ve switched over to foundation brushes is because they last longer and clean easier. Makeup sponges are great, but you can only use them for so long before they’re too hard to get clean.

The main reason I like these brushes though is because of how smooth they blend my foundation onto my skin. They’re super gentle and glide over your skin easier than a sponge.

I will say, I don’t have an intense make-up routine, so I don’t use all 10 brushes and I doubt you would either. I really just use two of them – the second biggest and the 5th biggest. There’s no real rhyme or reason as to the sizes I picked except that they fit my face and work with my products the best. I use the smaller brush to apply my tinted sunscreen under my eyes and the concealer around my nose. I use the larger brush to smooth on my foundation on my cheeks, forehead, and the rest of my face.

3 Benefits to Using Foundation Brushes:

1. Easy, Fast Application:

Foundation brushes make it to easy to put on your foundation. I’ve been surprised at how easy it is to simply brush on my foundation. You just squeeze a little on your skin and brush away.

2. Even Finish:

The brushes allow you to really spread the foundation out easily. The smaller brushes have helped me to make an even application in those harder-to-get spots like around your nose.

3. Good Coverage:

These brushes really do help you get good coverage. I typically squirt a little big on each cheek and my forehead and then use the brushes to smooth it in. When I used sponges I found that I was having to go back over the same spot several times. With the brushes I don’t have to keep going back over the same spots.

As a reminder, I do shared sponsored content with you all, but this product is not sponsored and wasn’t gifted. I purchased it with my own money and used it for over a month before sharing it with you all. I so value you guys and your support, so I always try to do my very best at making sure I genuinely love and use something before sharing.

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