Favorite Post Baby Products to Help Your Figure

Regaining your pre-pregnancy body. What a topic. My absolute best advice would be to learn to love your body throughout the entire process. It’s easy to tear yourself down and point out what isn’t your “normal” instead of focusing on the fact that you just carried and birthed a baby!

Now, it’s true that time, diet, and exercise are the key components to losing weight and gaining muscle, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t products out there to help you feel better as your body is in this transition period.

After I had Abby, I decided that instead of making myself squeeze back into my pre-pregnancy jeans a month after giving birth, I was going to dress in a way that was comfortable and flattered my changing figure. I wanted to set myself up to feel good and confident about my body, and believe it or not, it worked!

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clockwise from top left: cosabella talco pants | nordstrom cape | bellefit girdle | trouve tunic | loyal hana nursing top | soma bra | cocoa butter formula | scarf | blanqi leggings

cosabella talco pants: i wore these pants during my pregnancy and then after as well; i love the thick waist band, how soft it lays on your tummy, and how soft the material is – perfect for those early days when you feel like all you and your baby are doing is eating and sleeping

nordstrom cape: wearing a cape over leggings and a tee was my go-t0 outfit in the beginning; it was comfortable, easy, and hid the part of my body i was insecure about: my stomach

bellefit girdle: between my 2 babies, i’ve tried 4 different girdles/hip shrinkers and the only one that truly helped my stomach flatten back down and gave me the most support was this bellefit girdle; you can tighten it as you lose weight and it really does help reduce swelling. so. worth. it.

trouve stripe split back shirt: wearing a long tunic over leggings or jeans is another great way to hid your insecurities, be comfortable, and still look put together!

loyal hana nursing top: if you’re a nursing mom then investing in a couple of nursing tops in basic, classic colors can be a game changer; it will make nursing and/or pumping easier and you’ll feel like you look good!

soma vanishing back push up bra: this. bra. so, one of the areas of my body that really changed was a softer back & ain’t no body like back fat. then, my mom introduced me to this bra from soma that diminished back fat and it is a life changer – I don’t know if I’ll ever wear another bra!

stretch mark cream: i continued to use my stretch mark cream as my skin shrinks back to keep it healthy and moisturized; yes, there are tons of very expensive lotions out there, but this one worked just great for me!

collection xiix scarf: throwing a scarf over a top and leggings/jeans, is a great way to draw peoples’ eyes away from your stomach and up to your face

blanqi post partum leggings: these leggings are a god-send. i wear them all the time. they are thick, comfortable, and the high waist helps to suck in your tummy and smooth out your love handles

Thanks for reading & I’d love to hear what products and clothing you’ve loved as you lose weight whether you’re losing baby weight or just getting fit!

xx – anna