my daily skincare routine that will help your skin age well

morning skincare routine

How often do you change up your daily skincare routine? I’m a pretty big creature of habit, but I’ve added some new products to my daily skincare routine over the past several months. I use products from several different brands and feel like each product plays in integral role in keeping my skin hydrated, healthy, protected, and my skin tone even. Below you will find my current daily skincare routine.

My Daily Skincare Routine:

  1. Cleanse – I double cleanse at night to make sure I get all of my makeup off. I use this cleansing balm first to remove my makeup. If you’ve never used a cleaning balm before, I highly recommend this one. It takes off mascara so well! Then I use this cleanser to make doubly sure my face was fully cleansed. Then, in the morning I cleanse my face right when I wake up. I typically switch between two cleansers. I use this one if I’m showering because it’s the one we keep in the shower. It’s super gentle and a favorite for my husband. If I’m not showering in the morning, I use this cleanser. I really like this one because it helps you if you’re acne prone and with all the mask wearing still happening, it’s been helpful. It also has jojoba beads in it that gently exfoliate your skin without irritating it.
  2. Serum – The next thing I do is apply the DIME Beauty TBT serum. I’ve used this one (I loved it) and this one (I felt indifferent about it) prior, but have recently started using the TBT serum. I think the TBT serum is my top choice of the 3 I’ve tried. I like the TBT serum because it works to decrease fine lines and wrinkles, and will leave our skin feeling tighter and brighter.
  3. Vitamin C – Thanks to kiddos, I’m melasma prone, so I’ve used a Vitamin C serum as part of my skincare routine for years. After trying multiple brands, this one has proved to work the best for me. Even if you don’t have melanoma, Vitamin C serum is a great thing to have as part of your skincare routine. Vitamin C serum works to even out your skin tone and leave your skin glowing.
  4. Sunscreen + Moisturizer – I like to use a tinted moisturizer to give my skin a little color since I don’t like to wear a ton of makeup. I have two different moisturizers I use depending on how much sun exposure I think I’ll be getting. if I’m not going to get a lot of sunlight I use a combination of this sunscreen (SPF 25) and this tinted moisturizer. I use a pea size of both and mix them together before applying the to my face. If I will be getting a good amount of sun exposure (driving a lot, running outdoors, etc.), I use the Sunbetter Advanced Mineral Protection SPF 75 tinted sunscreen. Although it’s not technically a moisturizer, it’s acts like one since it’s tinted and it has 75 SPF so it definitely protects your skin. Either way, both sunscreens work well, are light weight, and are odorless.
  5. Primer – Truth be told, I haven’t used primer in years. Several months ago I started using one again and reminded myself of the benefits of a primer. Now, I don’t think a primer is necessary, but it does help to hydrate and prep your skin before applying makeup.
  6. Tinted foundation – Lately I’ve been using this Skin Twin foundation because of how lightweight it is. It feels super light, it hydrates your skin, and provides good coverage.
  7. Mattifying powder – This matte powered is a complete game changer for me. I’ve used it for years and as long as Beautycounter makes it, I’ll use it. I apply a thin layer of the powder over my face when all my makeup is in place. It helps to set your makeup and absorb shine. The powder is translucent so your makeup will show through.

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