My December Capsule Wardrobe and 31 Cute Winter Outfits

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Who’s ready for some cute winter outfits? Are you wearing cute outfits or living in leggings? I’m definitely trending toward the comfier side, but this festive month has me excited to style outfits!

If you would’ve asked me last Spring what would be in my December capsule wardrobe my answer would have been much different than it is today. I would have no doubt said it would be full of sequins, leather, heels, and fun dresses. All essentials for festive gatherings and holiday parties. But as I sit here and create my December capsule, a much different vision lives in my head.

With COVID still being a large part of everyone’s reality, our December will look a heck of a lot different than previous Decembers. No company holiday parties, very few gatherings, and a heck of a lot more nights in. We are also planning on being extra cautious in an effort to be able to celebrate Christmas with extended family.

But, no matter how you are celebrating this month, I wanted to put together a capsule wardrobe that would lend 31+ cute winter outfits for any occasion. I hope you’ll find it inspiring and I’m sure you can replicate a lot of this with pieces you already have in your closet!

fleurdille december capsule wardrobe

December Capsule Wardrobe:


  • White Long Sleeve Tee – I included this tee in last month’s capsule and had to include it in this month’s as well. This basic white tee is super flattering on and is a great top to layer with.
  • Oversized Waffle Sweater – y’all this sweater is gold. I have it in multiple colors and wear it so much. It looks good with jeans and just as good with workout leggings. It’s cozy and comfortable and perfect for cold winter nights.
  • Ribbed Henley Sweater – the ribbed trend is big this season and so I thought this sweater would be a great piece to include. I love that it’s vneck as that style is flattering on so many body types. I stayed true to size with this top so it’s a bit looser of a fit.
  • Amazon White Tunic – last year I wore my Free People Ottoman Tunic ALL THE TIME. It’s so versatile, but it’s also pricey. Then I found this one from Amazon for only $33 and it’s an incredible dupe. I included this cozy tunic in this capsule because it lends so many outfit possibilities.
  • Joy Sweatshirt – are you shocked I included something that’s green? Me too! I rarely wear color, but kept coming back to this sweater once I saw it initially. I just love the message and think it’s perfect for the holiday season. It’s also an easy piece to layer with and create outfits with.
  • VNeck Cream Sweater – this sweater is a great basic sweater. The vneck is super flattering and it’s a color that is so easy to style with.
  • Velvet Cami – in an effort to be festive, I included this velvet cami. I love the muted color and the fact that although it’s velvet, you can easily style this cami in such a casual way.
  • Sequin Cami – since it is the holiday season, I couldn’t resist including something with sequins. I didn’t want to include something too loud like a dress or skirt since I know so many of us will be home more than out. So, I landed on this affordable sequin cami that can be dressed up for a holiday party or down for a holiday at home.


  • Skinny Jeans – skinny jeans are my go-to during the winter months for two main reasons. First, they are so easy to dress up when you pair them with pumps. They make your legs look longer and sexier. Second, they are the best style of jeans for pairing with booties or tucking into boots. I swear my Madewell denim and love this new pair!
  • $35 Black Leggings – $35 Madewell leggings? Sign me up. For days that you want a pants option that’s nicer than black jeans but not quite as nice as faux leather leggings, these are great. They’re not super thick though, so if you live somewhere super could I might not wear these as much.
  • Faux Leather Leggings – how could I not include the greatest leggings of all time? I’ve had mine for multiple years now and wear them year after year. They are so crazy flattering and comfortable to wear. They’re a really easy pant option if you’re looking for a dressier option. I will say that they look just as great dressed down with sneakers, too.
  • Knit Joggers – I don’t know about you, but we will be spending more nights in than out in December. Because of that, I wanted a pants option that I could lounge in at home but still look cute. I love these joggers from H&M and know they will be easy to dress up or down.
  • Suede Skirt – this skirt is a great neutral option and can be styled in a lot of ways!
  • Pencil Skirt – I love the darker color of this skirt and think it will allow for some festive looks and work-appropriate looks as well.


  • Wafflestitch Coatigan – this was a mega splurge for me, but I had been eyeing it for so long. It went on major sale on Cyber Monday, so I hope you snagged it on sale. It has a similar vibe to my go-to sweater cardigan (listed below), but it’s a touch more casual. I wanted to add it in this capsule as we’ll all be doing a bit more lounging this month due to the holidays and this is the perfect cardigan to cuddle up in!
  • JCrew Sweater Cardigan – are you sick of seeing this sweater cardigan? Me either! I told y’all when I shared it in my first capsule wardrobe that you would be able to get SO much use out of this cardigan. It’s truly a cardigan you can wear to work, style for date night, or cozy up on the couch in it with your favorite joggers.
  • Black Leather Jacket – this is a great go-to winter jacket if you’re looking to take your outfit up a notch. I truly love how versatile a leather jacket is and love that it can be styled with anything from joggers to jeans to skirts!
  • White Blazer – in addition to a black leather jacket, I wanted one piece of outerwear that could be dressed up for holiday gatherings; something that was a bit more festive. I decided a white blazer would be so chic. I especially love it paired with the velvet cami or sequin cami in this capsule. Some of my favorite white blazers are this one, this one, and this one.

Recommended Accessories:


31 Cute Winter Outfits

  1. velvet cami, leather jacket, & faux leather leggings
  2. velvet cami, skinny jeans, & wafflestitch coatigan
  3. joy sweatshirt, & suede skirt
  4. joy sweatshirt, skinny jeans, & long sleeve white tee
  5. joy sweatshirt, & hm joggers
  6. hm joggers, white long sleeve tee, & wafflestitch coatigan
  7. hm jogger, & cream vneck sweater
  8. pencil skirt, velvet cami, & white blazer
  9. black leggings, velvet cami, & black leather jacket
  10. faux leather leggings, sequin cami, & white blazer
  11. skinny jeans, velvet cami, & sweater cardigan
  12. faux leather leggings, & amazon sweater tunic
  13. white long sleeve tee, joggers, & sweater cardigan
  14. suede skirt & white long sleeve tee
  15. suede skirt, white long sleeve tee, & white blazer
  16. suede skirt, white long sleeve tee, black blazer, & black booties
  17. oversized waffle sweater & jeans
  18. oversized waffle sweater & black leggings
  19. pencil skirt & cream vneck sweater
  20. pencil skirt & amazon sweater tunic
  21. skinny jeans, joy sweatshirt, & wafflestitch coatigan
  22. skinny jeans, white long sleeve tee, & wafflestitch coatigan
  23. black leggings, white long sleeve tee, & wafflestitch coatigan
  24. skinny jeans & vneck cream sweater
  25. suede skirt & vneck cream sweater
  26. pencil skirt, vneck cream sweater, & leather jacket
  27. joggers & oversized waffle sweater
  28. faux leather leggings, sequin cami, & sweater cardigan
  29. faux leather leggings, & vneck cream sweater
  30. pencil skirt, white long sleeve tee, & joy sweatshirt
  31. joggers, white long sleeve tee, &  wafflestitch coatigan

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