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It’s crazy to think that I will only have a couple more of these “bumpdates” before we get to meet baby #2! I haven’t really done too much to prep for our little girl, but with our due date just a little over a month away, I’ve started to get my rear in gear! Luckily, I don’t really¬†need very much since she will be the same gender as Emma Grace, but I’ve had fun ordering a couple new swaddle blankets and onesies!

  • how far along: 34 weeks, 3 days
  • how big is the baby: the size of a pineapple¬†(approx 19-22 inches, 4.9 lbs)
  • am i nesting yet? I didn’t think I was, but my husband, Travis, told me this weekend that I definitely am. I’ve completely cleaned out and reorganized 3 closets, cleaned all our baby gear from Emma Grace, and decided that I’d like to repaint (or have my hubby repaint) all of our bedroom furniture. So yea, I guess I am nesting a bit… ūüôā
  • mood:¬†I’m starting to get really excited to meet baby #2. Having a toddler at home has kept me pretty occupied these past couple of months, but as of the past week I just can’t stop thinking about getting to see our baby girl’s face and hold her in my arms!
  • how am I sleeping?:¬†Not very well to be honest, but I think that’s just part of the game. Lately, it’s felt really hot in our room at night, but Trav says it’s cold. So, I’m chalking it up to the fact that I have another human pretty much laying on me at all times of the day and night…body heat, right?
  • how is the baby positioned?:¬†baby #2 is¬†still head-down and we’re praying she stays that way!
  • is baby#2 active in the womb?:¬†Okay, so I don’t remember if you recall reading this question from my 30-week bumpdate where I answered with a simple “not. at. all.” Well, that has most definitely changed. Baby #2 moves¬†constantly.¬†I’m talking when I’m awake, when I’m asleep, when I’m sitting down, laying down, and walking. We always said we hoped she would be calmer than our highly energetic 2 year old, but that may not be the case… Oh, and she gets the hiccups almost daily. Emma Grace had the hiccups all the time too and it’s one of my favorite things to feel, so I’m so glad I’m getting to experience it again.
  • have we decided on a middle name yet?: No. Ugh. We are debating between two family names, but cannot agree on one for the life of us. Travis prefers a more traditional choice and I like a more modern one. Let’s hope we figure this one out before baby #2 is born!
  • am I still really wearing heels or is it a show? I’ve actually gotten this question a lot, and yes, I am still wearing heels. When I am with Emma Grace I never wear heels, but to social events, showers, etc. I am still wearing heels. Hey, I’m a shorty so I need all the help I can get!
  • body changes:¬†I¬†was having pretty severe rib pain for about 3 weeks that kept me from lifting Emma Grace, any thing heavy and sleeping in general. My OB thought it was most likely the baby’s positioning. Luckily, the pain started to subside this past weekend, so I’m feeling back to normal again…well, pregnant normal.
  • nursery:¬†We still haven’t¬†touched the nursery… As soon as Emma Grace’s big girl bed gets delivered we will start deep cleaning and prepping the nursery for baby #2. Until then, cross your fingers that EG’s bed comes in before the baby is born!
  • dad:¬†Travis¬†has been so helpful lately. He has one more week of MBA classes at SMU and then he’ll be home a lot more, so I can’t wait to put him to work! Seriously though, he has been very helpful with picking up the slack with home chores on nights that I’m really tired and he’s started to do some deep cleaning for me to which I am very grateful because I hate cleaning.
  • emma grace:¬†Oh my word, I wish you could be a fly on the wall in our house to see how sweet Emma Grace is already with baby #2. On multiple occasions yesterday she kissed my belly or gently rubbed my belly and asked baby #2 if she was hungry. Now, she did offer up donuts and yogurt as possible food suggestions to which I replied that little babies really only like milk. So now, she’ll say [with head cocked to the left and in a high-pitched voice]: “baby —-, are you hungry? Okay. Do you want some milky? Okay, yea. Let’s drink some milky.” I can’t wait to see her interact with baby #2 in real life!
  • product of the week:¬†The product of the week this week is¬†another one for me. I have really loved Daniel Rainn clothing. I hadn’t discovered this brand until recently, but love it because it’s not technically “maternity” clothing, but it’s cut in such a way that it fits a growing bump and then will also fit your body post-baby. Money-saver if you ask me!
  • what will I bring to the hospital?¬†Stay tuned! I plan on doing a blog post on both my bag of essentials and my essentials for baby. I will say that I’ve ordered a couple cute new swaddle blankets and newborn caps for baby #2 though. ūüôā
  • do we think we will deliver on time? early? late?:¬†When I visited the OB a couple of weeks ago they let us know we may be able to induce a week early. Nothing is or can be set in stone right now, so we shall see as time goes on.
  • our prayer:¬†Our prayer for baby #2¬†this week is to just continue developing right on track. We pray that she continues to gain weight and we’ll grace us with her presence when she’s good and ready!

xx – anna