April 2022 Capsule Wardrobe || 16 pieces, 30 outfits

Hey, girl!

I am so excited to be launching April’s Capsule Wardrobe today. April is pretty warm here in Dallas, TX, so you’ll find that I added some summer-like pieces to this month’s capsule. These warmer weather pieces include denim shorts, a linen skirt, and the cutest linen top with bow tie sleeves. I also added several dresses because dresses are so easy to wear and style in the warmer months.

The focus of this month’s capsule wardrobe was longevity. So, you’ll find that I included a lot of basics in this month’s capsule. My thought process was that you could invest in some quality basics whether it be a bodysuit or quality denim jeans, and then wear those pieces through the end of the summer.

You’ll also see the resurgence of white denim in this month’s capsule. While I wear white denim all year, most people feel most comfortable wearing white jeans in the warmer months. I included a wide leg pair and a pair of white flares. Both are fun and make a statement in and of themselves.

april 2022 capsule wardrobe

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capsule wardrobe outfits:

  1. denim shorts, black boxy tee
  2. white flare jeans, white boxy tee
  3. white wide leg jeans, linen bow tie top
  4. white flare jeans, white blouse
  5. straight leg jeans, white boxy tee
  6. straight leg jeans, ribbed bodysuit
  7. linen skirt, linen bow tie top
  8. linen skirt, crew-neck long sleeve top
  9. white flare jeans, crew-neck bodysuit
  10. straight leg jeans, linen bow tie top
  11. black dress, sneakers, denim jacket
  12. white smocked maxi dress, denim jacket
  13. tiered maxi dress, denim jacket
  14. denim shorts, crew-neck bodysuit
  15. denim shorts, crew-neck long sleeve top
  16. straight leg jeans, white blouse
  17. white flare jeans, black boxy tee
  18. white wide leg jeans, tan ribbed bodysuit
  19. white wide leg jeans, long-sleeve crew-neck top
  20. straight leg jeans, black boxy tee
  21. straight leg jeans, long sleeve crew-neck top
  22. white flare jeans, linen bow tie top
  23. white smocked maxi dress, straw hat
  24. black dress, summer sandals
  25. tiered maxi dress, longline cardigan
  26. denim shorts, linen bow tie top
  27. denim shorts, ribbed bodysuit (black, tan or white)
  28. denim shorts, white blouse
  29. wide leg jeans, black boxy tee
  30. linen skirt, white boxy tee

As we all know, despite warmer temperatures in April, there will still be some chilly days and evenings. So, below you’ll find the accessories I plan on wearing this month including several jackets, my go-to hat, and a few pairs of sandals.

april capsule wardrobe accessories

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