Activewear made just for your body type

one small blonde workout set

Hi, babes and happy 11th day of Fleurdille’s giveaways! Today I get to introduce you to one of the sweetest blogger babes and her amazing activewear line!

Meet my friend, Brooke, of One Small Blonde. In additional to being a Dallas-based blogger, she is an entrepreneurial powerhouse! One of her latest adventures has been creating an activewear line made just for your body type! As you know, no one made is made the same, which can be challenging when it comes to buying activewear.

For me, I have an odd body type. For one, I am short – 5 feet 2 inches to be specific. I am chesty and have a super short torso. But, I also have really long legs. So although I’m a petite size for my waist and build, I am regular length due to my long legs. It’s a bit tricky and nothing ever seems to fit just right.

Brooke clued into this problem women were having and made an activewear line that celebrates the differences in women’s bodies. Each piece is custom made and you choose your leggings by your height. How amazing is that? Today we’re partnering together to not only show you some of the new patterns, but to gift one of YOU a set of leggings and a bra top! So, be sure to head to Instagram to enter to win!

one small blonde workout set

Y’all, if you are an activewear junkie like me, you have got to try a pair of these leggings. They are so dang soft and 100% breathable. I love the sports bras too because on top of giving you the support your ladies need, they have a bit of sex appeal to them elevating your standard workout wardrobe.

one small blonde workout setone small blonde workout setone small blonde workout set

photography: maribel morales