getting in the christmas spirit with Fairmont Dallas

fairmont dallas family staycation

Hi, Fleurdille family! You are in for a real treat with today’s post! We are sharing all the details of our fabulous stay at the Fairmont Dallas this past weekend AND we’re partnering with Fairmont Dallas on Instagram to gift one of YOU a 2-night stay at Fairmont Dallas! Yep, you read that right! Head to my Instagram to enter!

fairmont dallas family staycation

If you’re in need of some holiday spirit, I highly suggest heading to the Fairmont Dallas. Their lobby is truly magical! As you walk through their revolving door, you exit the hustle and bustle of the city and enter into a winter wonderland. Their lobby is filled with Christmas trees and photo opportunities and the sound of Christmas music pervades the lobby. It will surely bring an instant smile to your face! We know we weren’t the only ones gushing over the lobby because we saw person after person posing to have their picture taken in a winter wonderland of trees.

With a shorter holiday season, life has seemed unusually busy this year, so Trav and I knew exactly what to do to get our family on the right page. We booked a weekend staycation with our girls at our favorite city hotel – the Fairmont Dallas. If you recall, we kicked off our summer with a staycation at the Fairmont Dallas and our girls were over-the-moon. Honestly, they haven’t stopped talking about our staycation since then. A combination of time away as a family, getting to do out-of-the-ordinary things, and over whelming generosity of the hotel staff truly won our girls over! So, you can guess their reaction when we told them we were headed downtown again.

fairmont dallas family staycation

Before I share our itinerary, I wanted to take a second to share one of the main reasons we find ourselves coming back to the Fairmont time and time again. The reason is the kindness of their staff. If you have kids, you know that you don’t always feel the most welcome, especially when staying at a luxury hotel. But that has never been the case at the Fairmont Dallas. Every single time we’ve stayed there we’ve been blown away by the staff’s kindness and generosity.

This past visit I was met with their kindness within the first couple hours. My girls and I were waiting in the lobby and ended up having to wait longer than usual. The concierge could tell I was doing everything I could to keep my girls happy and the next thing I knew the concierge was walking our way with two giant balloons. The concierge gave a pink balloon to each girl and taught them how to play “keep the balloon from touching the ground.” So, during one of the busiest times at the hotel lobby, instead of being annoyed by my children, the Fairmont staff met my situation with kindness and grace. It’s examples like this one that have made us life-long fans!

family staycation itinerary


  • check-in – we checked into our rooms at 3 on Friday and the girls couldn’t wait to check out their room. We stayed in a king suite this time and we’re not sure we can go back now that we’ve tried the suite. The reason being is not the larger room size, but rather the fact that we can shut a door and make two separate rooms. This allows the girls to sleep in peace in their room while we stay up and hang out.
  • dinner – the Fairmont Dallas is so centrally located that you can walk to almost any restaurant or downtown destination. For dinner we chose to walk to El Fenix to get dinner. Our girls love tex-mex food, so they had a blast!
  • family time – after dinner we came back to the room and had family time. It’s started to become a tradition every time we stay in a hotel, but Trav and I use the hotel lotion and give the girls foot massages. They loved it! Eventually the girls nodded off to sleep and Trav and I stayed up to watch a Christmas movie.


  • breakfast – the girls were dying to get back to the Pyramid Restaurant for breakfast so of course we had to eat their. Travis and I absolutely love their breakfast hash and the girls obsess over the breakfast buffet full of donuts, croissants, etc.
  • holiday parade – we wanted to make this weekend full of holiday memories, so we took the girls to the holiday parade downtown and it was truly magical! They loved all the floats and marching bands and of course the pretty drill team outfits.
  • go Baylor! – we are big Baylor fans, so after the parade we came back to our room and watched the Baylor game in our living room. Again, having two rooms was incredible as the girls eventually got bored of the game and laid on our bed to watch Disney Jr instead of the game.
  • pause for real life – it wouldn’t be a true staycation without a bit of real life creeping in. After the Baylor game we had to head back to our neck of the woods for Emma Grace’s very first basketball game! They did great!
  • Pyramid bar – we love doing little things to make our girls feel special when we have a staycation, so we ordered them shirley temples and they were in heaven!
  • girls’ night – Travis had to leave briefly for a work event, so I walked with the girls to get pizza. After that we came back to the hotel, snuggled up in our king bed and watched holiday cartoons!


  • breakfast – the best way to end a staycation in our opinions is room service! It’s easy, cozy, and allows you to stay comfy while you pack!

fairmont dallas family staycation

This post was created in collaboration with Fairmont Dallas. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille. 

photography: maribel morales