9 Stocking Stuffer Tips

Stocking stuffers are one of my favorite parts about Christmas morning. They are one of those things that still seems to be a complete surprise when you open it!

Stockings were always a big deal at our house growing up – so much more than candy, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed carrying on that tradition with my new little family! It’s so fun to think of tiny gifts all year round that my hubby or girls might like to see in their stocking.

I do know however, that not everyone is like me, buying stocking stuffers all throughout the year and hiding them in random places around the house. So, if you’re like my hubby and need a little extra help when it comes to stockings, I’ve created a little guide that might help you create the perfect stocking for your loved ones!

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9 Stocking Stuffer Tips:

  1. want: gift those little trinkets that you’re loved one has always wanted but may not purchase themselves – think perfume, cologne, a watch, new makeup, a fitbit
  2. need: this may not be the most glamorous part of the stocking, but it’s always helpful – think under shirts, boxers, socks, etc.
  3. eat: this is a fun one! use this category to buy those “splurges” that your loved one may not indulge in on the reg.; for Travis this may look like beef jerky, candy bars, candied bacon!; you could even purchase kitchen gadgets your loved one may have been coveting!
  4. read: are there any books or cook books that your loved one has been eyeing? One of my favorite new cookbooks this year is French Comfort Food – it’s a great one if your loved one likes to cook!
  5. watch: any new (or old) movies your loved one wants? a favorite tv series?
  6. wear: this doesn’t have to be big, but maybe some new pjs or a new shirt, even a new belt for your hubby
  7. drink: when I was growing up, my mom always put a case of the old coca cola glass bottles with Santa on them by our stockings – one of my favorite memories! Do something like that or mini alcohol bottles or some nice coffee!
  8. travel: we love traveling, so this category is a constant – stuffers could range from a new passport holder to a tire pressure gauge (my mom’s personal favorite) to a digital luggage scale
  9. refill: this is another category that may not be glamorous, but it’s always helpful – think a new toothbrush, a refill on your loved one’s favorite perfume, new lotion, etc.

Hope this helps and that you have a great holiday!!


xx – anna