Why Every Girl Needs These 5 Clean Beauty Products for Spring

clean beauty products for spring

Happy Tuesday, Fleurdille Family! As y’all know, I have spent the last year learning about skin care and how to best take care of my body. In 2018 I shifted from regular deodorant to natural deodorants and now in 2019 I’m starting the shift to clean makeup products.

Switching to clean makeup products had been on my radar for awhile, but it wasn’t until I started breaking out that I really felt the urgency to make the switch. This past fall I purchased MAC products for my face makeup. I had a great consultation and loved the way it looked on my face. However, I started breaking out and after consulting my dermatologist, she informed me how many chemicals are in most makeup products and how harsh they can be on our skin.

After that conversation I started doing a little research and asking other people what they used and why. The two women that piqued my interest in clean makeup products were Alicia Wood and Blair Staky. Apart from being beautiful women on the inside, their makeup always looked flawless to me. What came as a bit of a surprise to me was that they both used clean beauty products. After chatting with both of them, I decided to give this whole “clean beauty product” thing a try.

For me I wanted the easiest and cheapest transition. So, I decided I would start with Beauty Counter products. They’re easy to purchase, reasonably priced, and there’s no question about the quality of their products. In addition, rather than tossing everything I own and making a massive overhaul, I decided I’d just buy clean beauty products as my old products ran out. So, over the past couple of months I’ve replaced my foundation, blush, vitamin C oil, eye liner, brow gel, lip gloss and lip stick.

5 clean beauty products for spring:

  • spf stick – sunscreen is something I got really serious about last year. I even interviewed my dermatologist on her favorite sunscreens for summer. (You can read her full review on sunscreens here.) One of the top brands she recommended was Beauty Counter – they’re not only clean products, but they work exceptionally well! She personally recommended the 30 SPF spray for adults and kids. She also recommended Beauty Counter’s SPF stick. The stick is just a super easy way to touch up when you re-apply and I’ve found that it’s super easy for kids. I ordered mine this Spring and have been using it on my girls right before soccer practice.
  • tinted foundation – this past Fall I purchased foundation from MAC and while I loved the coverage, I started breaking out. I consulted with my dermatologist about it and she recommended I try a cleaner beauty product for foundation. The MAC foundation was also pretty heavy and while that’s okay for winter, I wanted something lighter for Spring. So, I tried out this tinted foundation. The first time I put it on I was super reticent to like it because it went on so thin and light. I was sure it would be a fail. However, after a full day of work, I still had excellent coverage. I’ve been using it for several weeks now and not only has my skin cleared up, but I have full coverage with it without looking like I’ve piled on the make-up. It’s a great foundation option for any season, and the light tint provides the perfect glow for your skin.
  • brilliant brow gel – y’all, when I first heard about this, I was super skeptical. However, the reviews for this brow gel are crazy good and one of my girlfriends wouldn’t stop raving about it. So I thought, “why not give it a try.” I ordered it and gave it a good ole college try. My thoughts? It’s fabulous! Really and truly! I thought it would be sticky and would cake up, but that was hardly the case! It goes on smoothly and not too thick. What I found, too, was that it doesn’t wear off and it holds your eyebrow hairs in place. It is so easy to use and I get so many compliments when I wear it! NOTE: a little goes a long way. When I first started using it, I used a lot and it looked way too dark and thick. I finally have a hang of it now and you don’t need a lot to make a big impact.
  • color intense lipstick my sweet friend, Blair, sent me this lipstick in “9 to 5” and I was sold the first time I wore it. It has a peppermint oil in it, which makes it feel so refreshing. The creamy formula really and truly moisturizes your lips while you wear it and never dries them out. I loved it so much I ordered it in “rosy pink” too for summer.
  • lip gloss – the lip gloss is actually a product I’ve been using for several years. My go-to color is “bare shimmer,” but I just got “peony” for summer. It leaves your lips extra glossy-looking and it stays on for hours!

Up next on my BC list: illuminating cream highlighter, countercontrol clear pore cleanser, and the daily shampoo

I have no idea what kind of makeup you use or where you are on a “clean beauty” journey, but I want to share my journey with you all as I’m learning. I plan on sharing what I’m learning when I’m learning it and what products I do and don’t like. Today’s post was in no way sponsored by Beauty Counter, I simply like the first products I’ve tried and wanted to share that with you guys. Also, I’m human so I’m sure there will be facts I get wrong or don’t know yet and I do hope you will share your journey with me, too!