When I’m a parent…

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Oh, man. I wonder how many times the phrase “when I’m a parent, I will never _____” is spoken by non-parents. I, for one used it quite a lot. These phrases often crop up in situations where you’re sitting on a plane listening to someone else’s screaming baby or trying to eat a nice dinner but the kid two tables over is throwing a massive fit.

Well, I feel like the second I became a parent God used being a mother to humble me even more than when I got married. In a way, it’s been fun to “judge” myself and the comments I made before becoming a parent. I mean some of the stuff I said lacked so much understanding and compassion, like “my kids will never throw a fit on an airplane” (see this post to read about our flight story a couple of weeks ago).

Anyway, it’s been fun to learn to live in the moment with my kiddos, to not be too hard on myself, and frankly, to not judge other mommies because you have no idea what they’re going through. But, knowing how often I spoke this phrase got me wondering how often other moms might have used this same phrase. So, I polled some mommies and here are the things we swore we would never do as parents…but did…

“I will never feed my kids McDonalds.”

“I will never let our baby sleep in our room. Let alone in our bed…”

“I will never let my kid dress themselves before going out in public.”

“I will never buy all the plastic, obnoxiously colored toys for my baby. She will like sleek, classic wooden toys just as much as the plastic, light-up, talking such-and-such. WRONG. Fisher Price is my Hero.”

“I will never feed my kids frozen dinners.” 

“I will never let my kid have the phone/iPad at dinner.”

“I will never let my kids throw a fit like that.”

“I will never let our baby sleep with us as a newborn.”

“I will never leave the house in my pajamas.”

“I will never give my child an iPhone to quite them.”

Thank you so much for reading and please feel free to add your “I will never” phrases in the comments below! I’d love to hear them!

xx – anna