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dallas fashion blogger, old navy dress, travel tips

A couple of weekends ago Travis and I toted the girls up north to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary via airplane. I am super type-A and always make a massive packing list before we go, but it got me thinking that everyone has certain staples they wear or bring with them when they fly and I thought I’d share mine with you all. But, before I share my travel tips for flying, let me share with you just how “smoothly” our first flight with two kids went.

Okay, so to set the scene, we took a 9:30 pm flight from Dallas to Chicago on a Thursday night and our thought was that because it was during their bedtime they would sleep right through the flight…mistake. We boarded, fed Abby a bottle as the plane took off to pop her ears, and the girls started falling asleep almost immediately. Things seemed to be going great. I was sitting on the window seat holding Abby, Emma was in the middle seat laying on my lap, and Trav was in the aisle sleep.

As the plane levels off the flight attendants start taking drink orders. They told the plane that since it was St. Patty’s day the first beverage was on Southwest. So, after assessing the situation and seeing that both our girls were nearly asleep, we decided to take them up on their offer and order a beer. Now, we were “smart” about this decision as we decided Trav would drink his first and I would second so that one parent had free hands at all times. So, Trav cracks his beer open…

Right as he opens his beer though, Abby starts crying and I can’t rock her without bumping into Emma Grace’s head, so we decide Trav should take her. Trav pulls Emma’s tray table down, sets his full beer on the table, and reaches for Abby. It should be no shock that this is the same time Emma decides to wake up and start crying because she felt mommy move. This is also the same time she bumps into her tray table and knocks the full beer all. over. herself. Yep, that’s right, the entire beer is now all over Emma Grace and her seat. We felt like the best parents.

Now both girls are screaming so Travis takes Abby to walk her in the back of the plane and try to calm her down. I grab the closest thing to me and begin wiping up the pool of beer in Emma’s seat and attempt to dry off her pants and shoes because of course I didn’t pack an extra change of clothes for my 2.5 year old. Once everything is all cleaned up (EG has been screaming the whole time), Emma asks for her “pink blankey” and that’s when I realize that I used the pink blanket to wipe up the beer. So, as I’m trying to explain why she can’t use it, she slips down onto the floor to scream down there, and I’m trying to ignore the fact that our row now smells like a college party.

Trav and I estimated that the crying went on for about 20ish minutes, but it felt like 20ish years. Eventually, the flight attendant came over and offered Emma Grace some cookies and she agreed to stop crying and climb back in her seat for cookies and OJ (we don’t drink juice at home so this is just as much a treat as cookies, haha). Needless to say, we learned our lesson – never order a drink when flying with kiddos and always bring change clothes for both littles.

Anyone else have a story like this? I’m sure this is just one of many to come…

dallas fashion blogger, fashion blogger, travel tips

Fleurdille’s Travel Tips:

  • Comfy dress: I always opt for a cotton dress when traveling because it’s so much comfier to be sitting in a loose-fitting dress for multiple hours versus jeans that might cut into your waist; if you aren’t a dress girl, then go for leggings or pants with a stretchy waistband.
  • Bring an Extra Layer: everyone knows that the temperatures in an airplane vary so much, so having a lightweight cardigan or blanket scarf that you can easily take on and off is key!
  • Wear Comfy Shoes: I used to wear cute flats or heels when traveling, but it’s just not practical if you are having to walk a long way to your terminal or have to run to catch a plane, so wearing a pair of comfortable sneakers that you can easily slip on and off in the security line is an essential now.
  • Keep Essentials in a Crossbody: Knowing you’ll have to show your ID multiple times throughout the flying process, I’ve learned that keeping your phone and wallet in a crossbody bag is a helpful tip to easily access your personal stuff without having to frantically dig through a large bag. Carrying a crossbody as opposed to a purse also allows you to drop your crossbody into your tote before boarding so it doesn’t count as one of your carry-ons.
  • Tote the rest in a Tote: since you’re allowed to carry two bags, I always have a tote to store my crossbody bag, my cardigan, and any other items I want for the plane like books, magazines and/or snacks.
  • Klean Kanteen: my mom taught me this tip – if you are a coffee junkie like me and always make a Starbucks stop before boarding your plane, order a glass of water with your coffee and pour it into your Klean Kanteen; it will save you a couple buck!
  • Snacks: I used to think you couldn’t bring any food on the plane with you, but if you’re flying domestic, you can most definitely bring snacks with you. This has been my saving grace to spending unnecessary money on food at the airport.

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