How to Wear a Blazer in the Summer

pink flare sleeve blazer

Well, we’re officially in that awkward time of year for us Texans. You know, the time when all the stores are starting to get Fall items in – all those adorable sweaters and long cardigans. The problem is though, it’s still about 100 degrees outside and will be for the next couple of months.

While I am still trying to master this summer to fall transitional period, I have developed a couple tips and tricks to help all my southern gals out. It may still be crazy to start incorporating Fall into your summer wardrobe, but if you’re daring enough to give it a try, use some of my tips below to stay cool!

3 Tips for Wearing a Blazer (or sweater) in the Summer:

  1. Light Fabrics – this is so key. If you’re going to wear a blazer or sweater in the 100 degree heat then always, always opt for thing, breathable fabric. Shoot for fabrics like linen.
  2. Light Colors – we all know black just attracts the sun, and while black is slimming, it could leave you in a pile of sweat. Opt for light, summer colors like whites, nudes, or blush tones.
  3. Pair with shorts/skirt – the only way I’ve found that I can survive the summer heat with longer sleeves is by pairing my blazer with a short or midi skirt and/or shorts. This will still give a summer feel to your outfit and it will keep you physically cool while you’re wearing it.

pink flare sleeve blazerpink flare sleeve blazerpink flare sleeve blazerpink flare sleeve blazerpink flare sleeve blazer

blazer: asos | cami: topshop | shorts: nordstrom | mules: asos ($35)| bag: gigi newyork | sunnies: karen walker

photography: fort lion studio