Vinebox – The New Way to Learn About Wine


Happy Thursday, friends!!! I would say grab a glass of coffee before sitting down to read today’s post, but maybe grabbing a glass of vino would be more appropriate? Man, I am so excited to introduce you to my new favorite thing – Vinebox! But before I begin gushing, let me give you a little backstory to my love affair with wine!

I first grew to love red wine in college, which was probably a very different type of wine than the wine I drink today. Over the years, I’ve started to refine my taste, learn what types of wine I resonate with the most, and have enjoyed educating myself on all the different elements behind a bottle of wine – the grapes, the location, the family history, the vineyards, etc. I just love the story behind a good bottle of wine!

When we went to Italy this past month I really go to learn how much goes into a bottle of wine. I also became more aware that there are so many different types of wines out there and I am such an amateur when it comes to the amount of wine I’ve tried. And that’s where my love for Vinebox comes into play…


Vinebox is a gifting and subscription service with the goal of introducing you to new wines and helping you learn about the wines along the way. Vinebox prides itself on highlighting smaller vineyards and the stories behind each wine. Each box contains 3 different types of wine and each box is specially package to protect the hand-drawn glass viles. Each box also includes “The Deatils” a.k.a. a little card that includes a brief history of the wine, the region it’s from, food pairings and music pairings.

Truthfully, I think the cards are my favorite part because not only do you get some history on the wine, but the food pairings are so helpful and the music pairings are so fun!


  • Head to Vinebox.com
  • Choose what type of wine drinker you are – adventurous, classic or a newcomer
  • Choose the type of wine you like – red, white, or both (They also have a rose sampler right now for summer!)
  • Pick your plan (1 month: $29/box; 3 months: $27/box; 1 year: $25/box)

So, to all my wine-Os, you most definitely need to try at least one box and please, please let me know how you like it! I promise it won’t disappoint!


photography: fort lion studio