Travel Outfits That Are Comfortable And Versatile For Any Woman

easy travel outfit

By the time you read this, Travis and I will be heading to Mexico to celebrate a sweet friend turning 40! I have to say, having not traveled as much the past few years, we are beyond excited. In fact, we have several trips planned for this spring and are hoping life continues to return to normal when it comes to traveling.

When it comes to airplane outfits, I feel like there are two camps of people. There are people that dress nicely and people that dress for comfort. My husband and I fell into different camps growing up. My philosophy now when it comes to travel looks is “polished athleisure.” I want to be comfortable, but also look put together. Gone are the days of wearing heeled shoes; give me sneakers all day long.

easy travel outfit


An Easy Travel Outfit:

My go-to pants for traveling are a nicer pair of black leggings. Black automatically makes them look nicer, and because black is so versatile they’re easy to style. You can style them with one top on your way and another on your return flight.

For tops, I usually wear a neutral tank or tee and layer with a cardigan or denim jacket. Layers are essential when you’re flying because airports and airplanes can be so cold! Layers are also wise because often your destination could have varying temperatures from your place of origin. So for me this week, it will be cold when we leave Dallas and warm when we land in Mexico. All I’ll have to do is lose my cardigan when we get there and I’ll be good to go.

Travel Accessories:

I was however, in need of an upgrade in travel accessories. My casual sneakers are a couple years old, and I’ve never had a good purse/bag to carry while traveling. I have great travel totes and backpacks, but I wanted a smaller purse to carry, too. I already had several items in mind, but didn’t want to spend too much; so, I checked out my local consignment store, Clotheshorse Anonymous last week first.

Y’all, I swear it was fate to be there! The very first thing I saw when I walked in were the exact Veja sneakers I’ve been eyeing for months! Low and behold, they were sitting right on the front table and they were in my size. The best part, too, is that they were in mint condition and on sale for $95 as opposed to the current retail price of $155. It was meant to be! I love that they are simple and because they’re black and white, they can be worn with almost anything!

After finding the coveted sneakers, I headed to the back of the store to look at their bags. Clotheshorse Anonymous gets new merchandise daily, so I always check every area when I’m there. I found some cute Lilly Pulitzer beach bags, but resisted the temptation since I already have a beach bag. What I found though was a Tumi Black Nylon Crossbody bag.

Y’all, I was shocked it was there because Tumi is definitely a brand that gets snatched up quickly. The bag is slim and is perfect for easily accessing your phone and wallet in the airport. The best part too, is that because it’s so slim, you can easily put it on your carryon before getting on the plane. Okay, I take that back, the best part is the price! The Tumi bag – good as new – was priced at $126 as opposed to the current retail price of $245. How great is that?

Don’t Forget To Shop Consignment!

Both the shoes and the bag I found were quality pieces and are items I’ll be able to wear for years. I don’t want to sound like a broke record, but if you’re looking for quality pieces, shop consignment first. Clotheshorse Anonymous’s items are all pristine and never or barely used. They only accept the highest quality and their prices are incredibly good.

If you’re looking for some inspiration on how to style these travel accessories, I’ve created some possible outfits below. I think you’ll be surprised at how easily you can style neutral accessories. What’s your favorite look?


Travel Outfit Inspiration:

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This post was created in collaboration with Clotheshorse Anonymous. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.