What I’m Packing For a Fun, Long Weekend in Cancun, Mexico


We leave for Mexico tomorrow for our friend’s 40th birthday and we are so excited! We are traveling to Isla Mujeres and can’t wait to be on the beach.

From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty casual on the island; think: sandals, wind-swept hair and an easy sundress. Basically, anything goes! So, while I will be bringing some more causal outfit options like a bodysuit and cutoffs, I plan on bringing some nicer items, too.

For me, vacation is a chance to express myself with clothes and have a little fun with my wardrobe. I get to wear things I might not wear on a regular basis like a backless dress. I also think vacation (without kids) is a fun time to dress a little sexier with your spouse.

All this to say, my be-all-end-all advice when it comes to packing for Mexico or any vacation is to dress how you want! I always like to dress to my comfort level even if that means I’m dressed nicer than 99% of the people in the room. If you’re comfortable in your own skin, no one will even notice what you’re wearing!

What I’m Packing for Mexico:


I’m sharing a full post tomorrow on my travel outfit, but I usually go comfortable for early flights. I will either wear leggings and a light sweater or these joggers with this sweatshirt. I also plan on taking my new backpack and Tumi crossbody bag.



I plan on bringing some one piece swimsuits and some two piece swimsuits and just seeing what kind of mood I’m in. I am planning bringing these sheer sarongs from amazon (long version here, short version here) and this beach dress as coverups.



Since we are technically staying on an island outside of Cancun, our experience will be slightly different than staying at a resort on the mainland. We are anticipating more of a causal island life vibe and are going to dress accordingly – more casual. From what I’ve heard, it’s pretty casual, but I always like to dress to my comfort level.

  • linen skirt set – I originally found this top and skirt in black, but when I saw it in white, my decision was made. I love buying sets like these because you can easily mix and match them to create new outfits later with other pieces.
  • pink dress – I wore this dress last year in Mexico with Travis and was excited to see it back in stock. It was so fun to wear and the back is so sexy so I’m taking it out for another spin.
  • ruffle romper – this romper is crazy affordable and the ruffles make it so fun. It will be a great colorful option for Mexico!
  • denim shorts + kimono + romper – we are spending one of the days exploring the island, so I plan on dressing casual. I am bringing my go-to agolde shorts, this new bodysuit, and my favorite kimono.


These are items you can’t go without no matter which beach you go to in Mexico.

  • Hat – hats are key for protecting against the sun. They also serve to control windy hair! My go-to brand for straw fedoras is Brixton. Their hats are well made, stay on your head, and are usually under $75! I’ve had this one for years and it still looks brand new!
  • Sunscreen – I’ve been a big fan of this sunscreen for years. My family has never burned while wearing it. This trip we’re also trying out this sunscreen.
  • Light layer – layers are essential for the evening because it often cools down, especially if you’re by the water. For the daytime I like to layer with kimonos. I’m bringing this one, but this one and this one are great options, too! For the evening a light cardigan or a denim jacket is a great option.
  • Rain jacket – beach weather typically comes with afternoon showers that blow through. So, if you’re planning on leaving your resort, bring a lightweight rain jacket or travel umbrella with you.
  • Sunglasses – I always wear my Karen Walker sunglasses, but these are great dupes if you don’t want to lose your nicer pair on the beach.
  • Comfortable sandals – I have sworn by Tory Burch sandals for years. I wore the Miller sandals while traveling Italy several summers ago and never got a blister. Now I take them on every trip! They’re very versatile too – you can wear them to the beach or out at night. I also really like this pair.
  • Versatile Bag – beach bags are so fun! If you’re trying to travel light, bring a bag like this one that can hold your beach belongings during the day and your evening accessories at night.

Favorite Packing Tools:

  • Hanging toiletry bag – I’ve had this for multiple years now and swear by it! It hold so much – even full size products.
  • Amazon packing cubes – packing cubes make it so easy to pack and unpack and even easier to find what you need. My husband uses these from Tumi, but I’ve been using these from Amazon and they work just as well!
  • Travel Backpack – I like to be hands-free when I fly so I’ve started carrying a backpack as opposed to a shoulder bag.