TRANSFORMATION THURSDAY: Favorite Health & Fitness Apps

No matter where you are physically or nutritionally, something we all have in common is that we all carry our cell phones everywhere. While there are some of us that still journal our food and fitness goals in actual journals, it is so much easier to track it all via apps.

For me, I have my go-to apps for food and fitness and wanted to share them with you. I’ve also found a couple of new ones via articles like this one from Allure and this one from Digital Trends. I would however, love to hear which ones you use so please feel free to leave that in a comment!

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My mom actually got me hooked on this one a couple of months ago and it’s become a quick favorite; all you do is use this app to scan any food item barcode and your food will receive a nutrition letter grade (A being the best) based on the nutritional value, how processed the food is, and the ingredients; It’s pretty eye-opening, especially for items like bread


This is a great app to get you up off your couch and help you start running! It creates an easy plan to take you from 0 miles to being able to run a 5k; it focuses on interval training and is easy to follow no matter how fit you may or may not be; I actually used this app 5 years ago before I became a runner to help get me in the groove and learn to run well


This has been a long time favorite for me! This app maps your run via GPS and documents the speed and distance of your run; you can set goals and get distance and time updates however often you would like while running; you can still listen to your own music, which I like, and just enter in how often you want updates; I use this a lot when I’m training for half marathons as I like to get updates on my pace


I haven’t actually tried this one but it popped up in several articles from 2015 and has a 5 star rating in the app store; This app has 65+ yoga classes (HD videos) that range from 10 minutes to 60 minutes long; this seems like a great app to use if you don’t have time to get to the gym, you travel a lot for work, or are a mom and need quick at-home workouts; if you’ve tried this one, I’d love to know how you like it!


Now, I’m not sure this would be a favorite for everyone or nutritionists, but it has proved helpful for me; I agree calorie counting should not be your main focus when trying to shift to a healthier lifestyles because let’s be honest, healthy eating is more about what type of nutrition you’re getting and not solely the numbers; However, this helps me have a general idea of the average number of calories I’ve eaten in a day; I’m a huge snacker, so tracking all the food I eat helps me stay away from poor snacking choices like candy and chips!

Be sure to let me know your favorites because I’m always looking for more!!

Thanks for reading!!

xx – anna