Top Amazon Purchases From January

top amazon purchases january


January’s Top Amazon Purchases:


One of my favorite Christmas presents from Travis was this adjustable laptop desk. As soon as I got it though, I quickly realized I also needed a wireless keyboard. I did a lot of research trying to find knock off brands on Amazon, and I did find some with great reviews. But, in the end I ended up purchases the Apple version. I work on my computer daily at home and the nicer keyboard was worth every penny. It’s crazy lightweight and fits in the drawer of your desk. I really do highly recommend it! If you want a mouse, too, we also got this bluetooth one for under $15 and it works great!


These curtains are crazy affordable and look so pretty in any room. I wish I could take credit for finding them, but I received the recommendation from Jen. We put these in our dining room – two panels on each side – along with this curtain rod. It gives the room such a light and bright feel.


This “snack caddy” is technically a diaper caddy. But, instead of putting diapers in it, I turned it into a snack caddy to use during carpool with my kids. I did a whole post on it here if you want to check it out.


Several weeks bag I tackled the girls bathroom to make it more organized. We had scrunchies, bows, and hair ties all over the place. It was a giant mess. But, with a little time and several new organization containers, I was able to store everything properly. Now it is much easier for my girls to access what they want. We use this scrunchie holder to hold all their scrunchies, and this stackable container to hold hair ties and clips on the inside and then wrap headbands around it on the outside. We use this container that slides out to hold their hair bows and little things like nail clippers and lip glosses. And finally, I got this earring holder for Emma so she can easily see all of her earring choices.


I typically store most of our stuff in clear tubs that we keep in the garage, but we have accumulated several things like our skit clothes that need to be stored better. So, I grabbed these clear zippered storage bags to store our ski clothes, blankets and pillows for road tips, etc. They’re crazy affordable and the quality is there.


Do you have a little one that struggles to label their emotions? I do! Emma, our oldest, is super precocious and our biggest feeler. She’s always been great at expressing her emotions and finding the right words to share her feelings. But our youngest, Abby, has a slightly harder time labeling and expressing her feelings. So, I ordered this feelings chart (from one of your recommendations) and it’s been a game changer for Abby! I highly recommend it!