Toddler Summer Wardrobe Capsule for the “Girly Girl”

Toddler Girl pink dress

Happy Tiny Tuesday, friends!! If you subscribe to Fleurdille than many apologies for the blank email you probably received today. All I can say is that I have had mega “mom brain” today and my post went out before it was even created. So sorry! I’m back on my game though!

It officially feels like summer is here now with the increase in temperatures, pool time starting, and kids playing in sprinklers. Each summer we had a few pieces to the girls’ wardrobes and Emma Grace and I decided we would share her wish list with you all!

There are a couple of items that we find ourselves getting year after year like jellies – they’re just so easy for toddlers to put on themselves, they’re breezy, and they never give us blisters! Emma Grace loves this pink pair ($12) from Old Navy. Keens are another must have item for us. Again, they’re easy for your toddler to put on herself, they’re breathable, and they are great for running around on the playground and going on walks. They can also be worn to the pool or a waterpark – bonus! They are worth the extra couple of bucks.

And it shouldn’t surprise you that we always seem to have a dress or two with a tutu on it. Emma Grace is a girly girl through and through and would wear a tutu or dress like a princess every day of her life if we let her (and we do mostly, haha). So, we’ve purchased this tutu dress ($10) from Old Navy the last couple of years in several colors and have been super happy with it!