TINY TUESDAY: Toddler Update

Happy Tiny Tuesday, y’all! It seems only fitting that I do an update on Emma Grace today only one day after Abby’s first word. Any guesses what it might have been? Yep! Emma!

Abby has been making a consistent sound for our dog, Mia, for the past week or so, but it isn’t quite “mia” yet…it’s more like “lip vibration…ia.” Then today, after I fed Abby her bottle she looked down the hall and said “Emmmmmmmma.” So naturally, I was shocked and said, “do you want to go wake up Emma?” Then we walked down the hall, opened Emma Grace’s door, and Abby started smiling and saying “Emmmmma,” “Emmmmma,” over and over again. Yes, it broke my heart.

Can you tell I’m just head over heals excited for them to have each other? Anyway, as promised from Abby’s update a couple of weeks ago, I said I would give you all an update on Emma Grace.

tiny tuesday baby update

Name: Emma Grace Cobbs

Emma or Emma Grace?: Depends entirely on who you ask. Travis calls her Emma and I call her Emma Grace about 90% of the time. If you ask her what her name is, she’ll say Emma Grace. Since we have so many nicknames going for Abby right now, Emma Grace has been asking what we called her when she was a baby, which was “Little Wiggle” as she’s so active, so we’ve been calling her that from time to time now.

Age: 2.5 years

Montessori Life: Where do I even begin? I am a huge proponent of the Montessori model. Of course every child learns at different rates and responds to teaching styles differently, but it has been the greatest blessing to Emma Grace. She can count and say her colors in Spanish. She knows concepts I would have never taught her at this age (bigger/smaller, longer/shorter, wider/thiner, etc.). She is learning her countries. She can tell you what letter any word starts with. I love that is has given her confidence to be herself and has taught her how to love and treat others well.

Favorite Songs:¬†Currently, her two favorite songs are “Toothbrush” by Brad Paisley and “Can’t Stop The Feeling” by Justin Timerblake or the “crazy” song as she likes to call it.

Favorite Band: Without question, Dawes and The Beatles

Terrible Twos:¬†How I answer this question probably depends on if I have a glass of wine in my hand or not, haha. Emma Grace has been the textbook definition of Terrible Twos. She can be happy one minute and then a terror the next. We really struggled with this stage actually and have had to regroup quite a bit. If you’ve met Emma Grace then you know she’s super verbal, so we often think she’s grasping concepts way above her head, and she’s not. This has been difficult discipline-wise. It’s hard to know when to pick your battles. I do feel like we’re gradually exiting this stage, but the one book that’s helped me understand her mental development the most is The Whole Brain Child. I HIGHLY recommend it.

Food:¬†Donuts. Emma Grace would eat a pink iced spring donut and chocolate sprinkle donut every single day of her life if we would let her. We don’t.

Sleep Schedule: Praise the good Lord above, Emma Grace is a good sleeper. She typically goes down at 7:30 pm and wakes up around 6:30/7:00am. She does wake up due to night terrors a couple of nights a week, but Travis is so incredibly good at comforting her and getting her back to sleep.

Personality:¬†Let me just give you some adjectives –¬†very¬†strong-willed (think: oldest child of two oldest children…yikes!), super talkative, friendly, goofy, thoughtful, loud, extremely curious, and musical – my mom often jokes that we live in a musical because EG is always singing, ha.

Favorite parent:¬†She’s definitely going through a “mom phase” at the moment and I am soaking it up for all it’s worth. I know how the teenage girl/mom relationship goes, so I’m loving my time as the favorite while it lasts. Dad will have his day.

Favorite toy: I’m¬†actually not sure she has a favorite toy. She loves puzzles, reading, coloring, playing with barbies, caring for her baby dolls, etc.

Favorite Movie:¬†Her favorite movie of all time will always be Frozen, but her current favorite is Tangled, or “rectangled” as she likes to call it.

Being a sister:¬†She loves being a sister just as much as Abby does. She is so sweet at consoling Abby, feeding Abby, and singing to her. They’ve also just gotten to the age where they can start to play together and it’s the sweetest thing ever.

Favorite clothing:¬†EG is obsessed with looking like a princess these days, so any dress or skirt (preferably a tutu) that twirls when you spin around is a winner in EG’s book.

xx – anna