the weekend edit 8.1.21

august weekend edit

the weekend edit:

  1. My girlfriend swears by this strapless bra (on sale).
  2. This dress and this suit were the most purchased items last week.
  3. Tried this dry shampoo for the first time this week and y’all, it’s so good.
  4. My most-used carry-on bag is on sale!
  5. Eyeing this mirror for the girls’ room.
  6. How cute is this two-tone straw hat?
  7. I so wish I had a space for this wooden hook rack.
  8. I have the itch to update our living room and this coffee table is top of my list.
  9. How freaking good are these jeans?
  10. My name is Anna and I have a basket problem. Gonna need to find a reason to grab this one.