the weekend edit 4.25.2020

fleurdille the weekend edit

the weekend edit:

  1. I just got this maxi dress on sale and can’t wait to wear it all summer.
  2. I absolutely love these sandals for summer.
  3. You can bet I’ll be living in these linen pants all summer.
  4. I keep hearing great things about this mascara and think I may have to try it out.
  5. Anxiously awaiting for this cute little top to arrive.
  6. I wore this cleansing balm as a mask last night and y’all, it hydrates your face SO WELL!
  7. I fell in love with a one piece suit from Jcrew and then found an identical one from Target for under $40!
  8. I wore this summer sweater all day yesterday and love it so much (size down one).
  9. Every mom needs this sweatshirt!
  10. I still swear by this hair dryer for both me and the girls.