the best mother’s day gift guide

2020 mother's day gift guide

Hi, babes! Since one day is just like the next now, I wanted to share a friendly reminder that Mother’s Day is 2 weeks away! I also reminded the hubby because let’s be honest, they already have trouble remembering, so it has to be 10 times harder for them now. Haha. I usually don’t ask for gifts on Mother’s Day as I’d prefer quality hang out time instead, but this year I’m changing my tune. We’ve been spending so much time on our outdoor space in our backyard and so I thought it would be fun to have a giant projector screen and projector to watch movies on outside! Would that not be so fun? We’ll see what happens…

My other request (as always) is some enjoyable vino. Since I’m hoping we’ll be able to spend outdoors all day on Mother’s Day, I’ve put in a request for my favorite rose that just came back in stock! I wouldn’t mind this wine tumbler, too.


  • I think this monogrammed necklace is always a sweet idea and this version is so affordable.
  • These pajamas (under $50) are hands down the most comfortable PJs. I have some and so does my mom!
  • If your mom loves hair care, this silk pillowcase or silk eye mask are great options!
  • You won’t find another cardigan softer than this one. This robe is another great option!
  • Gift some cozy trinkets like these slippers and a pretty candle!
  • This has been a favorite scent for years for me and would be great for any mom.
  • This pave pendant necklace is dainty and gorgeous and under $20!
  • I think this lace trim wrap (comes in 3 colors) would be gorgeous for any mom!
  • The revlon hair dryer brush? Most definitely a great gift for any woman.
  • This bag is a great spring/summer staple and would make your mom so happy.
  • Does your mom have a sweet tooth? Mine does too! These champagne gummies are so good and such a cute gift.
  • This is one of my favorite lip glosses to wear year round and has tons of colors. I think the blush tones are great for spring/summer.
  • For all our coffee and tea drinkers, this mug and this mug are so cute.
  • These earrings are a great staple and so are these.
  • My absolute favorite fragrance comes in a lotion too and it smells sooooo good!
  • Last but not least, if your mom loves wine, this picnic basket for two is a must.