The Weekend Edit 1.29.23

january 2023 weekend edit

the weekend edit:

  1. I’m officially adding this mask to my top 5 list.
  2. About to grab these pants in light taupe.
  3. How have I lived without these? They will be a game changer when washing my face.
  4. Let’s have a moment for these $35 sneakers, shall we?
  5. I just got this bodysuit in 2 colors.
  6. Oh my word, these pj shorts look so comfortable and super flattering, too!
  7. This set of 4 bodysuits is a great deal and each style is so cute!
  8. Majorly crushing on this one piece swimsuit.
  9. I’ve started taking these magnesium capsules every night and they help relax my muscles and body so much.
  10. Just got these sneakers in and they are gooooooood.