22 Things From 2022 That I’m Brining Into The New Year

22 best things from 2023

Every year we all try new things – new beauty products, new hair care products, new clothes, new workouts, even new foods! Last year I tried new things, too, and some were flops, but a lot were not!

So, today I’m sharing 22 things from 2022 that I tried, loved, and am bringing into 2023!

22 Things From 2022 That I’m Brining Into The New Year

  1. Clarins Depuffing Mask – this felt like it needed to be number one. Y’all, if you haven’t heard me say it before, hear me now. This is THE best depuffing mask. You can use it after a night out, after a night of little sleep, or before a big event to depuff. The results are life-changing. I do recommend wearing it for at least an hour to see the best results.
  2. Tarte Shape Tape – I started using this concealer toward the end of 2022 and was shocked at the results. I primarily wear it under my eyes and it not only hides my veins and dark spots, but it brightens my under eye. I’m definitely sold on this product!
  3. Silk Sleep Mask – y’all! This sleep mask is way cheaper than the silk brand sleep mask and dare I say it’s better? I have both and honestly think this amazon version is better. It longer in the front so it truly blocks out all the light. And bonus – you can wash it in the washing machine.
  4. Gimme Hair Brush – I got this hair brush and instantly loved it. It’s so gentle on your hair! My girls ended up loving it so much better than their wet brush that they stole it from me. Thank God Santa brought them each their own for Christmas! The one thing about this brush that sets it apart from others is that you can distinguish which type of bristles you get based on thin, medium, or thick hair; we have one of each in our house!
  5. Weekly Date Nights – Trav and I started weekly date nights last year (at home or out) and it did wonders for our marriage. Spending intentional time together each week changed the way we talked to and treated each other throughout the week.
  6. They’re Real! Lengthening Mascara – I have short eyelashes and am always on the hunt for mascara that stays on and makes my lashes noticeable. I tried this mascara in the beginning of 2022 and it’s been my favorite so far. You can actually see my lashes with this mascara! It lengthens and makes my lashes visible!
  7. Amazon Backpack – I was having a lot of upper back pain and tension last year from carrying my laptop in a shoulder bag. So, I switched to a backpack and started carrying this one to work. Not only did it help my back pain, but it ended up being better space-wise than my tote. This backpack is only $35 and holds so much! It has tons of pockets, a structured opening, a sleeve for your tablet or laptop, and lots of pockets.
  8. Dana Rebecca studs – Dana Rebecca is one of my favorite jewelry designers and I absolutely love her studs. Everything she makes is feminine, simple, and elegant. I wear two of her studs every single day.
  9. Monthly Deskpad – I’ve used this planner to keep our family organized for years and will continue to do so in 2023. I love being able to see the whole month at once and who has what and is going where. It’s so helpful to me!
  10. DETOX ME Mask – FRÉ skincare was one brand I started using in 2022 and fell in love with. I see such great results with their products and love that they are specifically designed for active women. I specifically love their Detox Me mask. This mask works great for oily or dry skin, helps to prevent breakouts, and can be used as a spot treatment. I typically use it after a long workout, after a period where I’ve sweat a lot, or after a long day of travel. Use code: FLEURDILLE for 20% off.
  11. FRÉ eye cream – finding a good eye cream is hard. I don’t mind an emollient eye cream at night, but want a thinner one to wear under my makeup. In 2022, I started used the FRÉ Skincare eye cream and loved it! It goes on so smoothly and doesn’t pill under makeup. (20% off with code: FLEURDILLE)
  12. Brightening Cleanser – this face wash is a favorite for my husband and me. It’s so gentle on your face and smells so good.
  13. MWH Pilates workouts – I started doing Melissa Wood Health pilates workouts last year and love them so much. Each workout is 10-30 min long and you can do them from home, vacation, work, wherever you are! They’ve helped to start to transform my body and they work at this stage in my life where free time is minimal.
  14. Amazon leggings – I freaking love these leggings. They are crazy soft, provide great support, and have the side pocket for your phone. I want them in every color.
  15. Vuori joggers – why yes, these are the world’s softest joggers. I now have 4 pairs and I’m sure I’ll get another pair this year!
  16. Texturizing Spray – this product was a game-changer for my hair last year and I still use it daily. When I wear my hair down I spray a little into my hair near the root for volume and into my hair to separate the curls.
  17. “Always Welcome” LIL candle – I don’t think there’s a diffuser or candle scent I don’t like from Life In Lilac, but this scent is my favorite. I absolutely love to have it burning in my house. I love that these candles are chemical free and they last forever!
  18. Legs Up Before Bed – in 2022 I started putting my legs up the wall for 10 min before bed and it’s helped so much. It increases blood circulation, reduces inflammation in your lower body, and helps me sleep better.
  19. Target Weekender Bag – this weekender is legit. I have it in “caramel” and may snag it in black, too. It’s super cute and holds up really well. Great for a quick trip!
  20. flare jeans
  21. ClassPass – I’ve been a big ole fan of ClassPass for years and I absolutely will be using it this year. I use it for workouts (my favorites in Dallas are Gaia Flow Yoga and Core Power Studio) and self care (nails, massages, and saunas). If you’re interested, they’re offering 1 FREE month by clicking here.
  22. Elemis Resurfacing Facial Pads – I’m late in the game to trying these, but really love them and noticed a big difference in my skin. They are dual-purpose and both exfoliate and smooth your skin at the same time. They also seem to help prevent me from breaking out. I use them morning and night.