The Most Comfortable Baby Moccasins

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Technically Christmas is over, but we’re keeping our decs up through the new year. I mean, it’s no fun to box up the ornaments you were just gifted. So, we’re hanging our new ones on the tree and enjoying the Christmas tree glow from our reading nook for a couple more days.

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, fleurdille

We had one of the best Christmas’s yet this year getting to watch Emma partake in all the traditions that revolve around “Santa” and learning the story of baby Jesus being born. And although the true meaning of Christmas isn’t about gifts, we did have fun gifting Emma some things she’s been talking about for months.

The one gift that stooped us up though was shoes…

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, fleurdille

Buying shoes for littles seems like such an easy task. You just find the cutest pair online and purchase. Simple as that, right? Hardly. Or at least it hasn’t been like that for me.

My two littles have completely different type of feet. Emma Grace has extremely tiny feet (she’s been a size 6 since March) and they’re a tad on the chubby side, while Abigail has very, very narrow feet. I’ve learned the hard way over the past couple of years that I cannot just blindly purchase shoes without either trying them on first or knowing how they will fit.

I think the one thing all moms can agree on though no matter their child’s feet is that we all want our kiddo’s shoes to be cute and comfortable – especially if your little guy is just learning how to walk!

Okay, so back to finding the perfect shoe for your little. I have been a long time fan of moccasins because the material is flexible, comfortable, and elastic generally gives you a little leeway as far as fit goes. Well, a couple of months ago I stumbled upon All About Heidi moccasins – a company based in Australia, and was obsessed with how cute they were!

The more I read though, the more I wanted to try some. They’re made from soft leather that’s pliable to your little’s foot, the fan design on the toes allows for a snug fit and gives your baby’s foot room to grow naturally, and the velcro clasp and leather tie over the toes can be tightened or loosened to fit your baby’s foot perfectly. Um…and they’re so cute, right?

Well, we’ve loved our shoes so much that we wanted to give you a chance to win a pair! So, check out my instagram account today to enter to win one for your little one or to give as a gift!

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, fleurdille

Although Abby isn’t quite learning to walk yet, these shoes are the perfect moccasins to keep her skinny feet warm while she lays beside Emma Grace and I and listens to us read!

dallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, fleurdilledallas fashion blogger, dallas blogger, fleurdille

emma grace: dress: similar | shoes: all about heidi ‘velcro cotton’ c/o

abby: pants: gap | shoes : all about heidi c/o

xx – anna

This post was created in collaboration with All About Heidi moccasins. All opinions are my own.