The Clean Beauty Brand Changing My Skin For The Better

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One of my favorite things to do is find new beauty brands and new beauty products. I love sharing them with you all, too, but I like to try them out myself first. One of the brands that I was recently introduced to was FRÉ Skincare.

FRÉ Skincare is a clean beauty brand designed for women, specifically active women. I was initially attracted to the brand for their actual product – clean ingredients along with their patented Argania Active Complex. I was then wowed by their social mission though and their commitment to give back both to women and the environment. For every set that is purchased, they plant an Argan tree and then empower women to harvest the Argan oil.

As I’ve worked with them and used their products for several months now, I can speak to the quality of their products and their commitment to their customer. My tell-tale sign if I like a product or not is how quickly I introduce it into my daily/nightly skincare routine. After seeing amazing results from my skin I have now incorporated 6 of their products to my everyday routine. With the addition of their products my skin has become more hydrated, more vibrant, and feels tighter.

I’ve shared the products I love a lot on Instagram, but wanted to share them here so that you can have something to easily refer back to.

fre skincare products


FRÉ Products I Use Daily:

  • DETOX ME – I included this mask in my top 5 masks post, but have to share it again here, too! It’s one of my very favorite exfoliating masks. Despite being exfoliating, this mask is very gentle on your skin and doesn’t irritate at all. This is a great mask to use after you’ve worked up a sweat from a workout or after traveling. I use it most frequently after traveling on a road trip or flying as my skin tends to get oilier in this settings.
  • BRIGTHEN ME – y’all, this eye cream is legit. I used another brand for a long time and still love it, but found that this one works better on my skin. What I love about this eye cream is that it increases your natural production of collagen and restores the protective barrier function of your skin that protects you against environmental damage. The other thing I love about this product is that it goes on so smoothly and wears well under makeup. The biggest  difference I’ve seen in my skin is from this eye cream has been the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • I AM LOVE – this facial oil has been a game changer for my skin. This facial oil is a natural blend of 5 super-oils intended to provide your skin with a “barrier that locks in intense moisture, provide deep hydration, and alleviate uneven, sun-damaged textures promoting a natural glow and plump, young-looking skin.” I have seen just those results, too! After cleaning at night I apply this facial oil and follow it with REVIVE ME. As a result my skin is well-hydrated, firmer and more vibrant when I wake.
  • REVIVE ME – this skin firming serum is legit, y’all! I am prone to dehydrated skin, so I use this serum every single night after applying the “I AM LOVE” serum. It’s crazy how my skin just sucks up these two serums. I wake up every morning with well-hydrated, firmer skin. As I get older, I’ve found that dehydrated skin seems to age women so quickly, so I am all for keeping my skin looking firm and fresh!
  • RECOVER ME – this nourishing night cream is great when my skin is extra dry. I’ve found myself adding this product at night after my serums when my skin is especially dry – usually when the weather changes or I travel to a drier climate. Again, when you take the time to nourish your skin, one of the biggest difference you’ll see is the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Yes, please!
  • GLOW BODY – this dry body oil is a must for your skin year round, but definitely in the colder months! The more I’ve been swimming, the more I’ve found that I need the extra nourishment you get from an oil and not just a lotion. I tried mixing body oils with my lotion, but didn’t like that it left a residue on my skin that would get on my clothes. What I love about this body oil is that it’s dry! It goes on dry without a residue but still leaves your skin so moisturized!