Fredricksburg, TX: What I Wore, Where We Stayed, and What We Did

Hey, there! I’m so glad you’re here!

This past weekend I made my way down to Fredricksburg, TX with 9 other women to celebrate two of our good friends turning 40! To say we had a good time would be an understatement. We laughed until we cried, tasted some fabulous wine, and stayed up way too late talking.

If you’ve never been to Fredricksburg or you’re not from Texas, it’s a quaint little town in southern Texas with some of Texas’s best wineries. It’s the perfect spot for a girls’ trip!


Before I get into the details of our trip, I wanted to share some of my favorite beauty products to travel with. Knowing we would be having a glass of wine or two, I brought a lot of products that were centered around depuffing. Apparently I wasn’t the only one with this idea as our first morning there every single one of us women had on a depuffing mask, eye masks, and even some double chin masks. It was quite a sight! We all agreed it was a sign we’re getting older. 😉

travel beauty products


  • TOILETRY CASE: This toiletry case is a total game-changer and the one I’ve been using for years. I love it because it fits all of my face products, makeup, AND hair products. The best part is, it holds full-size products!
  • MINI HAIR TOOLS: I am so addicted to my mini hair tools. The mini blow dryer is a total game changer and worth every penny. It’s light weight, but incredibly powerful. It’s so efficient that I actually use it as my everyday hair dryer at home. I also bring along this mini hair straightener for the pieces that frame my face. I wouldn’t suggest the mini straightener if you’re going to straighten your whole head, but it works for a few pieces.
  • SLEEP MASK: I just got this sleeping mask and love it. I like that it’s a bit wider so it covers everything and doesn’t let any light seep in. It’s super easy to wash and dry, too!
  • EYE MASKS: Although these eye masks are my go-to, they’re a bit pricey so I only use them on occasion. I have loved these from Amazon and you can buy them in bulk!
  • DOUBLE CHIN REDUCER: this double chin reducer mask is legit. It’s a bit pricey, too, so I typically only use it on special occasions, before a big event, or if I know I’ll be taking a lot of photos.
  • DEPUFFING MASK: I’m not sure if this mask even needs a qualifier anymore, but it is hands down the best depuffing mask out there. I recommend wearing it for at least an hour for the best results.
  • LIP MASK: This is one of the best products for chapped lips. It works super well, isn’t tacky, and leaves a gentle shimmer on your lips.


We stayed at the absolute coolest house! It slept 10 women easily and had 3.5 baths to get ready in. It was fully stocked with lots of appliances and the living space was large enough to comfortably accommodate our larger party. We loved the aesthetic, the more remote location, the ability to go on walks, and the outdoor pool/hot tub with the most amazing view. It has great outdoor seating, too, which is perfect for morning coffee with friends! I highly recommend it!


The “main event” of our weekend was of course the wineries. We hired a bus service to drive us around and it was definitely the right decision. The bus was stocked with waters, coffee, and snacks and we brought lunch on it, too. We visited 3 different wineries on Saturday and all were a bit different, which was perfect. I’ve listed them below:

  1. Kuhlman
  2. Ab Astris
  3. Slate Theory

Although the wineries were a blast, we had the most fun just hanging out at the house. We wanted to surprise the birthday girls with something fun and funny, so Friday night we surprised them by dressing up in mumus with pearls and granny glasses.

My girlfriend brought this karaoke machine (it’s legit), and we used it both nights for hours! Truthfully, it would make a great kid gift, too! We had so much fun at the house Friday night that we repeated it Saturday night. Between swimming and karaoke and laughing for hours, it was truly so fun and just what our souls needed.

travel outfits


  • MUMU – mumuswe all dressed up in for the first and got some good laughs! It would also make a really easy Halloween costume.
  • WHITE DRESS – Although my dress sold out, I found a similar one. It was such an easy outfit styling it with a fun hat and my Amazon boots that are oh-so-comfortable!
  • BLACK BLAZER – I’m majorly digging the oversized blazer trend. I found this one on Amazon of all places and paired it with my new favorite Amazon tank , my go-to jeans, and some sneakers.
  • BOAT NECK SWEATER – Sunday morning called for comfies for the ride home. I wore these super comfortable Amazon leggings and this Target sweater. I ended up sizing up in the Target sweater and am so glad I did as I wanted a looser fit.