The Best Tips for Traveling Well with a Friend

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It’s no secret that not all friends travel well together. It is not a knock on a friendship, it’s just the truth. Not everyone has the same traveling style, the same taste in restaurants, or the same living style. It can be complicated, exhausting, and wear on your relationship. When it’s done right though, it can be thrilling, fun, and rejuvenating!

women wide leg pink jumpsuit

When I traveled to New York for Fashion Week, I’m sure you noticed I did not go alone. Instead of going with the hubs or another blogger, I went with one of my best friends, Lauren. We both love fashion and New York so we knew we would have a blast. But, it wasn’t until the end of our trip that we realized how incredible of a time we had together. The events and shows that make up fashion week are no doubt fun and irreplaceable memories. But it was the in-between stuff – the meals, the shopping, and down time, that really made the trip.

It went so well in fact, that I started to trying and weed out how and why it was worked so well. We didn’t have a single disagreement. It was crazy considering we’re both tired moms of two spending 48+ hours together nonstop. Low and behold though, it went so well. Some friends are probably easier to travel with than others, but I am convinced that anyone can travel well with a friend – any friend – if you hold true to the PRINCIPLES below.

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  • put your friend first: every chance you have. Hold the door for your friend, let her pick her side of the bed first, ask her what her preferences are, give her the chance to pick a restaurant. Love your friend well by putting her first. You’ll find that putting yourself second actually brings you a lot of joy. It also eliminates tension.
  • express your “must dos” before the trip starts: we did this before our NY trip and it was so helpful. We stated the events and shows we wanted to attend, the shops we wanted to go to, and the areas of town we wanted to spend time in. It was helpful to know what we both wanted to see so that we could fit it into our days as we saw fit. It also helped us learn the other’s expectations so there was no assuming or guessing once we got there.
  • be flexible: for type-A planners like me, this can be a challenge sometimes. It’s so important though when traveling with someone else. Be flexible on places you go, the order you see places, and where you eat. The more flexible you are, the more relaxed the environment and in turn the more enjoyable your trip will be.
  • communicate openly and honestly: this is so, so important. Be just as honest about where you want to go as where you don’t want to go. When your friend asks for our honest opinion on a restaurant to go to or place to go, be honest with your opinion. If not, one of you will end up doing something you don’t want to do. You’ll be unhappy and in turn your friend will be too. If you’re kind and respectful, your friend will welcome your honest, open feedback and opinions.
  • laugh: I mean, have fun! Laugh and enjoy yourself. Let go of the stress or obligations you carry around with you from home and just enjoy your friend’s company.
  • be respectful: respect not only your friends opinions, but her belongings too. Be respectful with time as well.
  • listen: Listen to your friend. Listen to what she does and doesn’t want to do, listen to her tone, listen to her.

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jumpsuit: asos ($39) | blazer: asos (similar) | pumps: similar | belt: similar | bag: target | earrings: leigh breunig designs c/o | sunnies: karen walker

Lauren’s outfit is vintage. 

photography: fort lion studio