The Best Holiday Gift Guide for Him

best gift guide for him

Hi, loves! Who agrees that men are the absolute hardest people to shop for? I struggle to buy for the men in my life for two main reasons. First, if there’s something a man wants, he usually just goes and buys it. Second, the men in my life are very particular about the clothes they wear. The later is one reason I love each of the men in my life, but it does make gift-giving a bit harder. Do you have a hard time buying for the men in your life?

One of my close girl friends was asking me last week what to get her boyfriend and it got me thinking. Are there certain gifts that could or would apply to any man at any age? I wanted to create a gift guide for me that would apply to boyfriends, brothers, husbands, fathers, sons, and friends. So, I actually sat down over Thanksgiving break with my husband, father-in-law, and brother-in-law and got their input on the best gifts for guys.

From their input and my personal experience, I created a gift guide “for Him.” I broke the gifts down into categories and describe each of them, so scroll through the images, click on the items you want to shop, and read my explanations for each item below.


  • wine fridge – do you have a wine-o in your family? We sure do and they are hard to buy for! It feels odd to give wine as a gift, so instead opt for something a little out of the box. A wine fridge is a great “santa” gift or gift for a loved one. It’s one of those “big ticket” items that a wine-o would love, but may not spend the money on. We had one for years and absolutely loved it! This little one is great because it will fit in almost anyone’s kitchen or bar.
  • flask – I assume almost every man has a flask. This leather bound flask is a great, classy option to give the man in your life a little upgrade.
  • whiskey glasses – this was a “must have” from the men in my family. There is something about a solid, heavy glass when drinking whiskey and the ones above are some of their favorites.
  • whiskey decanter – I think this decanter is so unique. I love the wooden top and the engraved antlers.
  • ice tray –  these ice cube trays are great for cocktails. They would also make a great stocking stuffer!


  • carry-on bag – Calpak is one of my favorite brands of luggage. These bags are durable and hold up well. This black one is a great gift for the frequent traveler in your life.
  • leather charger roll up – the man in your life is bound to have multiple cords when they travel – headphones, phone charger, computer charger, etc. This leather cord holder is classy and will keep everything organized!
  • dopp kit – this is one of those gifts men rarely buy for themselves. I love this one for all the compartments it has. It’s also super affordable.
  • scarf – a nice, neutral scarf is not only a must-have winter accessory, but it’s also a great travel accessory. This one is soft and versatile and works for any age!
  • travel kit – this is such a good stocking stuffer! It has everything your man will need while traveling!
  • cell holder – to be honest, I haven’t seen a lot of men have these on their phones, but I think they would be great for travel through airports. A super easy and convenient way to access your ID when going through security.


  • pocket knife – something every man should have and this one is a great starter pocket knife.
  • flash light – this seems mundane, but it’s a gift all the men in my life recommended. It’s good to have one both in your house and in your car.
  • echo dot – an echo dot is a super affordable gift and a very useful one, too! We have one in our kitchen and we both use it constantly for news briefings, weather, random questions, and alarms. A great addition to any man’s home.
  • fitbit – a fitbit is a great gift for your super active man who wants to track mileage and calories burned to the less active simply wanting to count steps.
  • speakers – a good speaker is a must for any man.
  • wireless headphones – another gift the men in my life swear by. They are a pricier gift, but worth every penny they say!
  • tool kit – again, another gift every man should have. A simple tool kit with the basics is a great starter gift!


  • candle – men don’t often buy candles for themselves, but they sure do love them. Opt for a manly scent. They’ll love it!
  • record player – if you have a music buff or entertainer in your family a record player is a great gift. I love how classy this one looks – it would look great in a music room or displayed in a living room.
  • slippers – you can never go wrong with slippers and these are a family favorite!
  • sweat pants – every man needs some good lounge wear. These are great, comfortable, and will last many a sporting game.
  • a good book – a good book is always a great gift. Opt for a classic like this one.


  • gym shorts – a good pair of running or gym shorts were gifts all the men in my life recommended. They will be worn a lot, but aren’t necessarily something men want to invest a lot in.
  • gloves – a pair of leather gloves is a classic gift and something every man at any age can benefit from.
  • fun socks – oh man, this is a big gift in our family. The men in my life absolutely love fun socks to wear with jeans or under work pants.
  • sneakers – I’m not lying when I say every Cobbs man in my life has these shoes. They are so, so dang comfortable – like wearing socks!
  • north face jacket – a great gift and one that every man will use time and time again! The men in my life were unanimous about getting the full-zip first and then a half-zip next!