The Best Fall Colors to Wear + Chic Fall Dresses Under $50

who what wear wrap dress

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who what wear wrap dress

Happy Monday, loves! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Our did not go quite as planned given that Abby was sick most of the weekend, but it turned out to be really great. Emma Grace and Travis were in Waco for Baylor Homecoming Saturday and got to witness a big win for BU! Abby and I got some great one-on-one time, and I did hours and hours of continuing education for speech therapy on Sunday. Jealous? Yeah, me either, haha.

I’m excited to kick off this week with you guys though talking about the best colors to wear for Fall. There is some really great content coming your way this month so get excited! I’ll be kicking off my holiday gift guides this Friday, too! But, before I get too far off course, let’s get back to today – the best fall colors to wear!

who what wear wrap dress

I’d say most of us know the basic colors to wear for Fall/Winter – black, browns, and jewel tones. But, it’s always good to do a little research to find what colors are on trend for the season. Sometimes you may have the color right, but not necessarily the right shade of that color. Luckily for you, I did the grunt work. If you’re curious how to find the best fall colors to wear, just look in your most recent magazines or use good ole google.

best fall colors to wear for 2018

  • Violet – although a bit unusual, this should be no shock to us as this is the Pantone color of the year for 2018. We saw this color pop up in the spring and summer and it’s here to stay for fall and winter.
  • Sea-Green – don’t get too thrown off on the name. The color is more of an emerald green – pretty standard for fall/winter.
  • Shades of Pink – luckily for me, a big pink lover, this trend seems to have been around for a couple of years. From blush pink to hot pink to salmon pink, we’re seeing it all this fall!
  • Poppy Red – this color has been around all year more or less, but we’ll really start to see it show up more now that we’re entering into the holiday season. Tip on red – when you’re opting for a red piece, go for bright red and not a muted red.
  • Burgundy – again with the jewel tones – see, we got this! Burgundy is a great color for Fall and a color that looks good on every skin tone. Most likely, you probably already have something burgundy in your closet!
  • Spiced Yellow – think golden yellow. This color is a bit tricky to pull off I think. You would think having gone to Baylor (green and gold), that I would have a lot of this color, but I don’t. I actually don’t own a single yellow item. For me, it washes me out with my skin tone. But, I think it’s a great color to rock if you can!
  • Bright Blue – a fun take on navy blue! Again, jewel tones are typically the fall/winter go-to colors (burguney, navy and emerald), but we’re seeing some fun takes on these traditional colors this year. Instead of opting for a navy piece, go for bright blue – something with a bit more life!
  • Orange – orange comes and goes throughout the years, and it’s here to stay for fall/winter. Anything from bright orange to burnt orange is acceptable.

who what wear wrap dress

For today’s look I moved slightly outside of my color comfort zone. I’m traditionally a white/neutral/blush kind of gal, but thought this orange dress wasn’t too far outside the box for me. Whenever I explore trends that I don’t think will last more than a season or two, I try to find slightly cheaper options. One of my go-to brands for on-trend, well-made and affordable clothing is the Who What Wear line at Target. They produce quality clothing that rotates seasonally and is always on-trend. I found this wrap dress while on one of my weekly Target runs and loved the way it fit.

Wrap dresses tend to make me nervous – I don’t want to bear it all – but this one had a button clasp at the bust to lock it all up. It also has a button clasp around the waist so if it comes untied for some reason, you’ll still be covered. Last but not least, I love the neckline. A v-neck is one of the most flattering necklines for any woman and when I’m adding fabric (length of dress), I try to show some skin and elongate my figure. The v-neck does the trick for this dress.

If you like trying trends on the cheap, too, I’ve rounded up my favorite trendy dresses under $50 for you to shop. Check it out below.

Chic Fall Dresses Under $50


who what wear wrap dresswho what wear wrap dresswho what wear wrap dress

dress: who what wear | boots: similar | bag: similar | sunnies: karen walker | earrings: sugarfix c/o bauble bar | necklace: dana rebecca

photography: fort lion studio