the best budget friendly summer dresses for every girl

women fashion pink maxi dress

dress: jcrew

Hi babes and happy Monday! Y’all, It is officially dress season and I am so here for it. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been wearing these sweatpants almost every night, but I’ve had to make the switch to summer dresses during the day. Even if I don’t wear makeup, just having a dress on makes me feel more confident, more put together, and honestly, more productive.

When I’m shopping for summer dresses, I try to keep a couple things in mind. First, I try to find dresses that are monochromatic. You’ll have a lot more styling options with a solid color dress than you will with a print. And because of that very reason, you’ll find you get a lot more wear out of a solid color dress. Second, I shop for comfortability. I know that during the day I will be with my girls either running errands, sitting in the backyard, or crafting and I need to be able to be comfortable.

The next thing I look for when shopping for summer dresses is the fit. I’ve found that if I don’t feel comfortable and confident in my dress, even if I love it more than I can express, I just won’t wear it. For example, I absolutely love the look of bodycon dresses, but I know I won’t actually wear them because I’ll worry my mom pooch will show through. So, I simply don’t buy that type of dress anymore. Know your body and know what makes you feel confident!

The last thing I look for is the price tag. If it’s a classically cut dress, I am willing to spend a little more on it because I know it will last me for multiple seasons. However, if it’s a trendy dress, I almost always try and find a dress under $50 or on sale. For this very reason and the fact that a lot of Americans are budget-conscious right now, I’ve rounded up the cutest summer dresses by price below. So, pick your budget threshold and start shopping for summer dresses!

NOTE: I categorized each dress by their original price. If you see one you like, definitely click on it as it may be on sale! Also, several of them comes in several colors.

women fashion pink maxi dress

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dresses under $25

dresses under $50

dresses $50 – $100

dresses $100 – $150

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dress: jcrew