the best books to read this spring

best books to read for spring

Hi, babes! In an effort to continually find peace during this pandemic and stay positive on a daily basis, I’ve chosen to focus on things I have to be grateful for. Things like more time with my kids, family lunches, daily family walks, and more time to read. It’s been so good to spend time reflecting on the changes we’re going through right now and to look for the good.

In a “normal” world, time is something we’re typically all pressed for. I found that we go from one thing to the next so frequently that by the end of most nights, I’m too tired to read. I always wake up with the best of intentions to read for 20 or 30 minutes prior to bed, but it rarely happens. Fatigue takes over and my heavy eyelids and weighted blanket lull me into a deep sleep.
But, that seems to be different now! In a time where there are no sports, no extracurricular activities, and little to no drive time, I have extra time in my day to designate to reading. Some times I read before bed and other times I curl up in bed with my girls after lunch and we all read our favorite books. I’m guessing you’ve found more time to read, too!
best books to read for spring
Over the years I’ve created a list of my favorite books, but I still love finding out what my friends are reading. I love learning about what others are learning and enjoying and some of my favorite reads have been recommendations from friends. So, if you’re in need of a good book, I thought I’d share some of the books I’ve read and loved, and the ones I’m looking forward to reading over the coming months.

the best books to read this spring:

UNTAMED by glennon doyle

Oh boy. Untamed is one of the books I am currently reading. I am a very big fan of Glennon Doyle and her book, Love Warrior, challenged me in ways few other books have. Glennon is a beautiful writer and captivates you from the first page. Both books are intimate and soulful, giving insights and advice on how to fine yourself and be true to yourself. I highly, highly recommend both.

OPEN BOOK by jessica simpson

I just finished reading Open Book and definitely recommend it. It’s captivating from the beginning and is a beautiful story of a women struggling (sometimes well and sometimes not so much) to find herself and learn to love her true self. I think I especially loved this book because my generation grew up with Jessica Simpson and it’s clear that what we know about her wasn’t the whole picture.

THE HOUSEKEEPER by natalie barelli

The Housekeeper is another book that I am currently reading. It came highly recommended. This book is described as a “twisted psychological thriller” and I’m pumped to dive in deep. This story is about a woman, Claire, seeking revenge on another woman. She gets hired as a housekeeper to seek her revenge, but quickly finds out she’s not the only one who has secrets. Eek! Can’t wait to finish!

VERITY by colleen hoover

Oh boy, this was my favorite thriller from 2019. If you like thrillers, you HAVE to read Verity. A young writer, Lowen, is hired by an infamous author to finish some unwritten novels and the secrets that unfold are crazy. This book keeps you on your toes right until the very last page!


Where the Crawdads Sing was another favorite from 2019. I’m sure most of you have read it by now, but if you haven’t you need to ASAP. It’s a beautiful story of love, heartbreak, and a bit of murder mystery.


Little Fires Everywhere was another 2019 read and it was so good. So good that it just got made into a series on Hulu! This novel intertwines the lives of a picture-perfect family and an enigmatic mother and daughter and all the lies, secrets, and relationships that evolve along the way!

THE SILENT PATIENT by alex michaelides

The Silent Patient is another book I am currently working through. It’s a murder mystery and so far so good! This book came highly recommended by multiple people and I can’t wait to find out what happens. A woman murders her husband and then never speaks again. Her silence intrigues a psychotherapist who begins to work with her to unfold the mystery of what happened…


Much like Glennon Doyle, Brene Brown is one of my favorite humans. This book, much like Glennon’s books, challenged my thinking and had me captivated from page one. Braving the Wilderness discussing cultivating a “true belonging to our communities, organizations, and cultures.” This book is so beautifully written about how to find yourself and connect to others. Highly recommend.

BECOMING by michelle obama

Becoming is another book I have started but haven’t finished yet. It is on numerous lists of best sellers and “must read” books from 2019. This memoir is mesmerizing, honest, and beautifully written.