The Best Advice for Tackling New York Fashion Week

white tie waist tux dress

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white tie waist tux dress

Happy Hump Day! It’s been 3 days since I got home from New York Fashion Week, but I’m still on cloud 9! Yesterday I shared my very favorite look from NYFW – this gorgeous dress. Today I get to share not only another look, but my favorite advice on tackling New York Fashion Week. So, let’s dive in!

white tie waist tux dress

Y’all, how freaking cute is this tuxedo dress? No joke, this was a last minute purchase for me – as in 2 days before I left. Blazers are trending bigtime right now for Fall, and not just any blazer, we’re talking 80s style blazers. Think slightly longer in length, boxy shoulders, should pads, menswear-stype blazers. 80s. And I’m obsessed. I think it’s so fun and actually very easy to incorporate blazers into your own personal style.

While I do love the traditional blazer with jeans or blazer with shorts look, I wanted something a bit more feminine for Fashion Week. And then I spotted this tux dress and I was a goner. The color is right up my alley, I love the contrast with the black pencil lining, and the menswear vibe is fun. I will say that this dress looks so cute without a cami underneath, but I am just not the gal to pull that off. It was a bit dippy for me, so I paired a black lace camisole underneath, and it worked great.

I bet you’re thinking that this dress isn’t practical because it will flap open in the wind. My husband sure was. His first comment was actually about how this wasn’t the right dress for walking in the city. Well guys, lucky for us, this blazer dress buttons all the way down, so there is no flapping in the wind to be had here.

What’s great about this dress, too, is that it’s a blank canvas. I paired it with white mules (only $56), and added a pop of print with my bag. You could style it so many ways though – colored pumps, fun sneakers, big earrings, you name it!

white tie waist tux dress

Alright, on to tackling New York Fashion Week! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I was very strategic on how I planned out my first fashion week. I wanted my first trip to be fun, relaxed, and inspiring. My Friday and my Saturday actually ended up looking much different, so I go to try out two different ways to approach NYFW. Let me give you a synopsis on both days and then we’ll get to the best advice on tackling New York Fashion Week.

Friday – Friday was fun, but hectic. In short, we landed at the airport, taxied to the hotel, changed quickly in their bathroom, and taxied to the event. Then taxied back to the hotel, checked in, changed, and shot some looks. After than I changed again, and headed out for dinner. It was quick and it was a whole lot of changing. I wouldn’t go so far as to say it was stressful, but a whole week of days like Friday definitely would not have been. It was quick with few breaks, and zero downtime. In fact, we realized by dinner time that we had been on the go so much that we hadn’t eaten anything since our 6 AM flight. Yikes.

Saturday – Thankfully, Saturday was more spaced out. We had breakfast and then toured an exhibit at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Then we shot some looks and headed to our first fashion show. After that we took a break to eat and have a glass of wine. Then walked to our next fashion show. Once our obligations were done for the day, we headed back to SoHo for dinner and drinks. It was much calmer, more restful, and allowed us plenty of time to fuel up.

white tie waist tux dress

So my advice for tackling New York Fashion Week? Time. Make sure you have time in your schedule to eat. Time in your schedule to rest. Calculate time for travel, too, because the city is crowded and it will always take you longer to get from point A to point B thank you think. In fact, if you’re brave enough, I would advise taking the Subway. It’s way cheaper and a heck of a lot faster.

Another blogger gave me this time while on the trip, and after my first NYFW, I can see why this is the best advice. No matter how many meetings, shows or events you have, make sure you have time in between to regroup and refuel. You won’t survive if you don’t schedule in time for you rest and time to travel. If you don’t take care of yourself, you’ll leave NYFW feeling depleted and stressed. I would even go so far as to say it’s worth adding a day or two onto your trip if that helps you space things out.

white tie waist tux dress

dress: missguided | mules: asos ($56) | black cami: similar, similar, similar | bag: similar, similar | earrings: leigh breunig designs c/o

photography: fort lion studio