How to Shop Relevant Brands at Clotheshorse Anonymous

How to shop designer brands at consignment stores.

Happy Thursday and as always, thanks for stopping by the blog! Y’all know I am a big fan of Clotheshorse Anonymous – the best consignment store in Dallas in my opinion! I’ve been lucky enough to partner with them this year to share with you all why I love shopping consignment. So, be sure to check back her once a month to read my latest tips and tricks to shop relevant¬†brands via consignment!

If you missed my first couple of posts with Clotheshorse Anonymous, you can read them here: How to Remain on Trend When Shopping Consignment, How to Shop Consignment Clothes, and Fall 2017 Fashion Trend: Embellished Shoes.

How to shop designer brands at consignment stores.

To be honest, I wasn’t a huge consignment shopper until I was introduced to Clotheshorse Anonymous last year. Sure I had shopped consignment before, but I never really had an experience that “wowed” me; I didn’t know how to shop relevant brands. When I shopped consignment it¬†typically involved me spending hours sifting through a store, scouring the racks for designer labels, and every once in a blue moon, finding a gem that was in relatively good condition. I didn’t have the best taste in my mouth for consignment shopping. But, that all changed though when I first walked into Clotheshorse Anonymous. In fact, I have yet to go into Clotheshorse Anonymous and leave with my hands empty.

I think the great misconception about shopping consignment is that you will struggle to find relevant brands. Knowing how to shop the current trends is one thing, but being able to find those trends with designer brands is another. As I’ve gotten to know Clotheshorse Anonymous more over the past year and spent a lot more time there I have realized how large their designer inventory is. Their brands range from designers like Tory Burch to higher end designers like Chanel and Dior. And not just that, but they have a considerable inventory of each designer brand. Check out my “how to” below to read more about how you can shop relevant brands at Clotheshorse Anonymous.


  1. New Inventory is key – Clotheshorse Anonymous nails this one. They cycle through new items every single day. And not just that, but they have the most meticulous selection process. For example, for them to accept a pair of shoes (designer or not), they either have to have never been worn or only worn for a couple hours with zero marks them.
  2. Less is not more – If you’re trying to shop designer brands at a consignment store, then less is not more. More is more. You want to find a place like Clotheshorse Anonymous that has a very big and varied selection. This increases your chance at finding designer brands.
  3. Look for Labels – Clotheshorse Anonymous has a great in-store set up. They not only divide their clothes by type – shorts, pants, tops, etc., but they divide by designers as well. They make it super easy to shop designer brands because you simply have to look at the sign on their racks – Tory Burch, Vince, Chanel, etc.

How to shop designer brands at consignment stores.How to shop designer brands at consignment stores.How to shop designer brands at consignment stores.How to shop designer brands at consignment stores.

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As a brand ambassador for Clotheshorse Anonymous, this post was created in collaboration with Clotheshorse Anonymous. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting those brands that support Fleurdille.