Signs You Need To Make Time For Selfcare

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Do you get enough time for self-care? It’s something I’ve been working on, but it ain’t easy when you have two little kids. After SNOVID this past week though, I devoted part of my Sunday to self-care to get me ready for the week.

So often self-care seems to be the one thing that moms shove aside. We have busy schedules, busy kids, and often times work too. How could one find time for self-care even if she wanted to? That my friend, is the tricky part! Life doesn’t and isn’t going to slow down, but we have got to make time for self-care. The benefits are just too good.

Benefits of Self-Care:

  • boosts emotional/mental health
  • boosts physical health
  • gives you time alone
  • helps you recharge
  • helps you be a better caregiver/mother
  • helps you become more mindful

So why don’t we practice self-care more if we know the benefits are so good? Great question! Life I guess. However, apart from the personal benefits of self-care, there is one benefit that surpasses them all. The greatest benefit I see when I take time for self-care is that I am a better mom. I’m calmer and more patient with my kids. I’m legit a better mom when I make time to take care of myself.

Signs You Need Some Self-Care:

  • You are isolating yourself
  • You neglect your normal duties (laundry, dishes)
  • You’re not feeling like yourself
  • You can’t remember the last time you did something alone
  • You are lacking time with God
  • You are going nonstop
  • You feel on the verge of crying
  • Your kids are all over you 100% of the time

Once you see the tangible benefits of self-care, you’ll be more apt to create time for it. For me, I’ve tried to set aside time each Sunday afternoon for self-care. My routine usually involves a walk outdoors (alone), followed by a hair mask, a face mask, a hot shower.

Then throughout the week, I try and sprinkle in a little time for self-care each day. Sometimes I can sneak away and book a massage or facial with my ClassPass membership. Other times it’s sitting down and reading or using my neck massager for 10 minutes.

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My Favorite Self-Care:

  • light a candle and read a book in bed – this is my favorite blanket to cozy up with and this is on of my favorite candles (scent: baltic amber)
  • take a bath with candles – there’s something so soothing about a candlelit bath; I usually put a couple candles around the bathtub and several on my bath tray
  • enjoy an at-home facial – I’ve really tried to perfect the at-home facial since I’m still being COVID-cautious. My new routine is to steam my face with my steamer for 10 minutes. Then once my pores are cleansed and open, I follow up with my go-to charcoal mask. This mask is another favorite! These de-puffing eye patches usually make the cut, too!
  • book a massage or facial – Massages and facials can add up quickly, so I’ve been using my classpass membership to book massages. It’s truly been so nice and it’s so fun to try new places around Dallas! If you aren’t a classpass member, try this at-home neck massager and foot massager.
  • get a manicure – book a manicure or give yourself one at home! My go-to nail polish right now is this polish with this fast-drying top coat.

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