SAVE OR SPLURGE: Pink Velvet Everything!

Whether you save or splurge, this is one trend you don't want to miss this Fall! Pink velvet is everywhere from furniture to clothing to accessories! Find the best picks here!

Happy Sunday morning! I am so happy to have you for today’s “Save or Splurge” post! As I’ve started to curate my Fall wardrobe I noticed a trend – I was collecting a lot of pink velvet. Blush velvet is one of the big trends this season and truthfully, it’s a great one to splurge on! It’s also a real easy trend to save on and not look cheap.

You guys know how much I love a good sale, so I typically fall into the “save” category of these posts. But, today I’m learning toward the “splurge” side to be honest. The reason I think this is a good splurge trend is because you can invest in pieces that will last. First of all, we know velvet comes back year after year. So, if you get something simple enough like the Tory Burch bag pictured above, your chances of carrying it next year are high. Secondly, because of the light blush color, you can wear or carry this trend into the beginning part of Spring when it’s still cold. The ability to extend the length of a trend is big in my book!

SPLURGE (over $100):

Okay savers, let’s get to the good stuff! This trend is SO easy to save on because velour or crushed velvet looks almost identical to the real deal! I have to share this story with you guys because it just amazes me. Okay, so I’ve been eyeing these pink velvet booties – only $129, but still a bit of a splurge for me. Well, one of my good friends wore this adorable blush outfit this weekend (hey, Lauren, hey), with the booties! Of course I immediately commented on them and told her I had been eyeing them. She said thanks, I got them at Target. Yep, Target! They were seriously identical to the Kendall and Kylie pair! So, if you’re in the market for velvet booties, be sure to grab this pair from Target! And have fun shopping other “save” items below!

SAVE (under $100):

The pink velvet trend has also made its way into home decor, which I love! If you’re looking to make an investment in a statement piece, this velvet couch is simple and chic! If a couch feels too bold, opt for an accent chair that could be easily swapped out. But, the easiest way to bring this trend into your home is via accent pillows like this one ($90) or this one with tassels ($39). I know some people swap out their bedding depending on the season, and if that’s you, this velvet duvet is to die for!


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