What Makes the Perfect Little White Dress

women white ruffle wrap dress

women white ruffle wrap dress

Happy Hump Day, loves! Summer is officially here! As evidenced by sweating within 60 seconds of walking out the door, seat belts that burn your kids’ legs, and flat hair from the humidity. No, in all seriousness, summer is here and all the joys that come along with it – running in the sprinklers, popsicles by the pool, and no school!

The other sign of summer? The little white dress. If you haven’t already, it’s time to swap out your LBD for a little white dress! Of course if you’re like me, you rock the LWD all year round. Wink wink.

women white ruffle wrap dress

Let’s be honest though, not all little white dresses are created equal. I wish they were, but how many times have you found the perfect little white dress only to find out it’s completely see through? It happens to me a lot and it’s such a bummer when it does. So, as I’ve transitioned to rocking the LWD all year round, but especially in the summer, I’ve developed some criteria to help find that perfect little white dress.

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  • material matters – truer words have never been spoken when it comes to a LWD. It’s easy to gravitate to a sheer dress in the summer months, but tried to avoid it unless there’s a liner. I stick to materials that are thicker, but still breathable like linen. This dress for example, is the perfect summer material and doesn’t bare it all. I typically use the hand trick – stick your hand under the fabric and if you can see your hand, it’s too thin.
  • liner please! – one of the first things I look for in a LWD is a liner. It doesn’t have to be a thick liner, but a liner nonetheless. A liner is a sure fire way to prevent a see through dress.
  • is it slip safe – if a dress doesn’t come with a liner, I check to see if I’d be able to wear a slip underneath it. It does sound kind of grandma-ish, but slips are the best. I love this one from Target. I don’t typically wear a full on slip, but a skirt slip. If I can’t wear a slip under it and it’s too see through, it’s not worth it.
  • the sweat factor – this may not apply to everyone, but if you live in Texas then it most definitely applies to you! Any time you wear a LWD, make sure you choose a material that won’t show your sweat. Girls, we’ve all been there. You go to a lawn party, start sweating, and then everyone can see the wet material on your back or under your arms. Not the most fun, haha.

women white ruffle wrap dresswomen white ruffle wrap dresswomen white ruffle wrap dress

dress: socialite c/o | shoes: similar | bag: bp | sunnies: karen walker | watch: kate spade c/o

photography: fort lion studio