7 easy packing tips to save you time and stress

packing tips for vacation

In need of some packing tips for vacation? That’s right, I said vacation.

The weekend is finally here and we are headed to the lake with our college friends – a phrase I truly didn’t think I would get to say in 2020! After two weeks of quarantine by all parties though, 7 of us couples are headed to Austin for a COVID Staycation.

With a staycation comes packing and packing is one of my favorite things to do. So, today I’m sharing with y’all some of my favorite packing tips! These are packing tips I’ve used for years and these tips will save you time and stress both on the front and the back end.

Packing Tips to Save you Time and Stress

Before I get into my packing tips, I wanted to note a couple general tips that you probably already know and do. This tips include packing clothing that is versatile and can be worn in more than one outfit and packing layers. I also suggest picking one or two neutral shoes that will go with almost every outfit instead of bringing a new pair of shoes for each outfit.

packing tips for vacation

7 Packing Tips

  1. Make Packing Lists – this has saved me time and time again from forgetting something. I start making lists weeks in advance and I break my lists into several categories. You can pick the categories that work best for you, but ones I typically choose are “clothes,” “toiletries,” and “electronics.” I recommend using the app “To Do” for your lists as you can check items off as you pack them. You can also share your lists from the app with other iPhone users, too!
  2. Take Pictures of Your Outfits – this is something I started more recently and it’s especially helpful when repeating pieces in your bag for multiple outfits. Before you pack your clothing, lay out all of your different outfits and take a picture of them. Then, when you get to your destination all you have to do is scroll through your phone, see what outfits you have and what pieces you need for each one. Super simple!
  3. Roll Your Clothes – there are two main benefits of rolling your clothes. The biggest benefit is that your clothes will take up less space if you roll them. The other benefit I’ve noticed is that helps prevent them from wrinkling too much.
  4. Use Packing Cubes – packing cubes have become one of my favorite packing tips! Their benefit is two-fold as well. The first benefit is that your clothes take up less space when they are compartmentalized. I usually roll my clothes in my packing cubes as well. The second benefit is that it makes it really easy to get what you want when you’re at your destination. For example, if you need a pair of socks, instead of digging around in your bag you simply grab the small packing cube that contains your socks without messing up the contents of your entire bag.
  5. Use Hotel Toiletries – this is a trick my mom shared with me a long time ago. It’s a tip I still use today as it saves me space and money! Any time you stay in a hotel save the mini conditioner, shampoo, and lotion. Then when you go on vacation you’ll be set with mini toiletries!
  6. Pack Mini Toiletries – taking the smallest version of your “must-have” products will save you a lot of space. For example, invest in a mini straightener, a mini blow dryer and even a mini steamer to travel with.
  7. Separate Bags – separating your toiletries, electronics, and clothes in an effort to keep your belongings organized and easy to access once you get to your destination. If you’re flying somewhere you’ll want as few bags as possible in which case I recommend one bag for clothes and toiletries and a carry-on bag for your electronics. If you’re driving to you destination however, I like to separate my belongings into three bags. I have one smaller bag for all my toiletries that I can easily plop down in the bathroom. Another bag just for clothes I can keep in the bedroom, and a final bag with my electronics (computer, iPad, chargers, etc.). It makes your life a whole lot easier!

My Favorite Products to Pack When Traveling:


  • Packing Cubes – the packing cubes I have been using I found on Amazon and y’all, they are only $10!! I was skeptical at first because that seems pretty low for 4 packing cubes and a laundry bag, but they have 4,500+ 5 star reviews! Kind of crazy, right? Some colors are more than $10, but none of them are more than $20. I highly recommend checking these out!
  • Mini Straightener – I used this mini straightener for years and loved it. It’s truly mini and works great if you’re just straightening little pieces around your face. Now I use this mini straightener as it’s a tad bit bigger and I can actually straighten my whole head (I have shoulder length hair) and/or use it to add some curl to my hair. I highly recommend both!
  • Mini Blow Dryer – let me tell you, this mini blow dryer is powerful! It works so well I’ve even used it to blow dry my hair at home. The nozzle detaches too, so it breaks down even smaller!
  • Make-up Organizer – this is hands down one of the best packing products I’ve purchased the last couple of years. It’s a sturdy organizer and holds all of your make-up brushes, too. It also has adjustable pieces inside so you can change the compartments to fit your make-up products.
  • Car Charger/Inverter – if you’re someone that likes to work in the car I highly recommend this charger. I also recommend this charger if you like charging more than one device at at time. Travis got it for our latest road trip and we used it a lot! It’s only $19 and works really well!
  • Cord Grid – I’ve raved about this product for years, but this grid is the easiest way to keep all of your cords organized and not tangled into a giant heaping mess.
packing tips for vacation