my top 5 amazon finds from september


Okay, who’s ready to talk Amazon finds of the month?

It’s kind of crazy, but more and more I’m turning to Amazon to meet all of my needs. I’ve always shopped on Amazon for gadgets and toys and books and such, but until recently, I hadn’t purchased a lot of decorative items. This past month though I got the cutest little trio of vases!

So, without further ado, in no particular order, here are my favorite Amazon purchases from September.

September’s Top 5 Amazon Finds:

Wick Trimmer:

I don’t know about you, but I am so, so bad at trimming the wicks of my candles. Trimming with scissors can be so challenging when the wick is at the bottom of your candle. Have no fear though, this wick trimmer is legit. It can easily get down into your candle and when it cuts the wick it hold the trimmed wick in it’s grip so it doesn’t fall into your wax. Heck yes!

Shoe Lights For Runners:

You all know how much I love my morning walks. Well, as we get closer and closer to winter, the mornings are darker and darker. So, my running buddies and I are gearing up with head lamps and shoe lights. I got these shoe lights (they can also be worn on your wrist) to snap onto my shoe laces and I love them! They work so, so well!

POGO Water Bottle:

This water bottle has been my go-to water bottle for years now. The lid is called a chugger lid and honestly makes it so much easier to drink 32 oz of water. I just ordered two more this month (one for each of my girls) and am trying to convince Travis he needs one.

Bluetooth Smart Scale:

This might be my favorite purchase of all my Amazon purchases this year. I have been wanting a smart scale so bad, but they’re so dang expensive. Then I found this one for $25 and the reviews are insane. In fact, so many people said they preferred this smart scale over scales that cost them hundreds of dollars. All of your measurements from the scale sync with an app and it tracks you with each weigh in. It’s so cool!

Set of 3 White Vases:

I’ve been redecorating my shelves in our living room and grabbed this cute little set of 3 vases this month and love them. I currently have them styled with wheat for the fall and cannot wait to style them for the holiday season.