Mother’s Day Gift Guide

mothers day 2020

Mother’s Day is less than a month away! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’ve already purchased Mother’s Day gifts for my mom and Mother-in-law. I’ve also created a wish list for the hubs (men need all the help they can get).

I took a poll on Instagram a couple of weeks ago to see what you all typically spend on Mother’s Day. Most of you said your average price range for Mother’s Day gifts is between $25 and $75. So, I created a Mother’s Day gift guide and tried to stay within that dollar amount. I did include some splurge items, but for the most part I stayed in that price range.

Below you’ll find two Mother’s Day gift guides – my personal wish list and a gift guide for mothers and mothers-in-law. I hope you find them both helpful! Feel free to pass them along to your hubbies, too!


mothers day 2020

anna’s mother’s day wish list:

  • BAREFOOTDREAMS ULTRA LITE ROBE: I currently have this Barefoot Dreams robe and live in it during colder months. However, I’m finding that I get pretty hot in it now. I would love to have a thinner option for spring and summer and have added this one to my wish list!
  • FP MOVEMENT SHORTS: these active shorts have been on my wish list for quite some time. I’ve seen so many people rave about them and hope to try them out soon!
  • BRIXTON HAT: Brixton makes some of my favorite straw fedoras to wear during the summer. I love the look of this straw hat and have been eyeing it since last year!
  • VUORI JOGGERS: these joggers are my favorite joggers of ALL TIME! I only have one pair, but would love them in every color, haha. They are not cheap, but once you put a pair on, you’ll get it. They are crazy, crazy soft. I love this pink color and have added them to my wish list!
  • MAC LIPSTICK: This is my very favorite lipstick for summer (creme cup).
  • LE LABO PERFUME: Le Labo’s Santal 33 is my favorite perfume of all time. I’m currently out and would love a new bottle!
  • TORY BURCH SANDALS: I haven’t met a Tory Burch sandal I didn’t like and think these would be perfect for the pool this summer.
  • COUPE GLASSES: I love drinking prosecco out of coupe glasses and think the ones above are so beautiful!
  • GUA SHA TOOLI haven’t ever used a gua sha tool, but have been reading about how they can help with jaw pain. I have a good amount of jaw pain on a daily basis due to clinching my jaw when I sleep and think this product might help.
  • SILK PILLOWCASE: I’m a big fan of washing your hair as little as possible and would love a slip pillowcase to help decrease how often I need to wash my hair!
  • ORBE TEXTURE SPRAY: this is the holy grail of texture sprays! However, because it’s a bit pricey, I never buy it for myself. I would love to be gifted this guy!




mothers day 2020

mom/mother-in-law gift guide:

  • TORY BURCH SLIDESy’all, these are some of the most comfortable slides I own. I got them last summer and wore them constantly. Now that it’s warm, I’m already wearing them again. I love that they have more cushion that other Tory sandals.
  • VEJA SHOES: I love the look and feel of Veja sneakers. I have a black and white pair, but love the pink for Mother’s Day especially. They’re well-made and go with so much!
  • FLORAL ROBE: I feel like you can never go wrong with a robe. This floral robe and feminine and oh-so-pretty!
  • ZELLA RUNNING SOCKS: these socks are some of my favorite socks for running. They are pricier than normal socks, but worth every penny. They have the perfect amount of padding. So, if your loved one is athletic in any way, she’ll love these socks!
  • OLAPLEX NO. 3: this hair mask is a one-in-a-million product. I use it once a week and it has helped my hair so much! It’s pricier than what I would normally spend on a hair mask, so it’s a great gift to give!
  • CANVAS TOTEI love having a catch-all tote and think this one would be so cute to have and get monogrammed with your mom’s or mother-in-law’s initials on it!
  • WONDERFUL & WORTHY DIFFUSER: Life in Lilac has some of my favorite candle and diffuser scents. I love the title of this one and think a diffuser would make such a sweet gift.
  • COZY BLANKETS: If being warm and cozy was a love language, it would be one of mine. I love this barefoot dreams blanket and this under $40 blanket; both of these blankets would make an excellent Mother’s Day gift!
  • TORY BURCH CROSSBODY BAG: If you’re looking to splurge a bit, this bag is super cute and perfect for spring/summer.
  • WINE GLASSES: I’m a sucker for drinking glasses. If your mom or mother-in-law likes wine, consider this etched wine glass or this gold rimmed wine glass. They’re both so feminine and fun!
  • TORY BURCH TOTE: A nice tote is the gift that keeps on giving. Again, if you’re looking to spend a little more, this Tory Burch tote is the perfect gift!
  • NECESSIARE BODY WASH: I swear by this body wash (my favorite scent is Sandalwood) and would love to be gifted this product. I don’t always like to spend a lot on myself when it comes to skincare, so it would be so nice to be gifted this product!